Hi guys.

Ok so im new to this posting off your own stuff. I write... alot. Most of which will never make it on this site, ever. But i was looking through my files and came across a couple of short pieces that i had randomly written for a class at uni, and though I would post it and see what others thought of them. Please read and review, as its very important to me that i get some form of feedback from people. I don't care whether its i liked it, i hated it, your gramma suxs (as i know it does), this was uh... interesting. Its all feedback and I need it. I welcome it all, so please review.

umm about this piece. This was something i just randomly came up with one day. Its all true, and did happen to me. Even the drug dealing references and all that. These are all experiences that I experienced first hand last semester on the bus ride to and from uni - off which I was stuck on there for an hour + each ride. Basically this just a humours piece about my wacky bus rides. Hope you like it. Please R & R.


They say 'You learn something new everyday', and quite frankly I have to agree.

Especially if you regularly catch a bus!

A few weeks back, I learnt I was a drug dealer.

I just wish I had been told beforehand. At least then I wouldn't have stood there gaping, mouth wide at a complete stranger as he nonchalantly asked "Do you deal drugs?" and when I gained the courage to shake my head, no, "Do you know any decent dealers?"

This revelation took me quite by surprise, after all it's not everyday that the 'goodie-two-shoes' or 'conservative type' turns around to be the local drug dealer, without even knowing it.

What about the day I meet Lizzie, my new relationship expert. Lizzie informed me that Oprah was 'the true God' and a 'lifesaver', and that if you really, and I mean "like oh my god, totally like love" a guy the best way to 'get with him' might possibly not be to 'hook up' with his best mate!

And you can forget your bed, the bus is the place to sleep with a range of different positions to cater for all personalities. Personally the nod-your-head-I'm-not-falling-asleep look is my favourite, but others seem to prefer lets-sit-an-fall-out-of-the-seat style.

Forget road-rage, passenger rage is the way to go! Haul abuse at everyone who walks past. No one is safe, including the bus driver.

And don't forget on those days when the bus is completely overcrowded and the weather scorching, to spray deodorant. The more the merrier, we really don't need to breathe.

Last, but defiantly not least remember that sharing is caring. Especially when it comes to music. So if you have one of those latest and greatest phones or even an Ipod, sit in the back and blast your music. It will be greatly appreciated and if the bus driver complains, remind him that you educating him in what's "good music".

Basically the moral of these value lessons taught be that buses are a breading ground for the weird and wonderful people.

… Or was that just me?

Did you like it? Did you hate it? Why did you hate it?

Please R& R