Just another short piece I wrote one day for a uni writing excerise. We were told to observer someone, and write a story about them. Why they were acting the way that they were etc... Basically we had to create a whole lifestyle for them in a limited number of words. I Noticed this girl on my bus coming home that day who was crying. Hence this is what i came up with. Yes i do know that just because she was crying does not mean that it was over some boy, but this was the best of five pieces that I wrote. So here it is.

Word count 272.

Hope you like it. Its simple... and well Sweet??? more sad I guess.

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I'm not going to cry.

Or so I furiously will myself to believe.

I'm not going to cry.

I'm not!

Maybe if I repeat this enough, I might actually believe it… maybe it can stop the tears that are beginning to form in my eyes.

I'm not going to cry.

I can't cry. For crying out loud I'm sitting on a bus… a semi-crowded bus might I add.

Someone might see me…

Oh God! Someone might see my cry…

No, they won't.

They can't if I don't cry.

Absentmindedly I brush a stray piece of blonde hair from my face as I continue my mantra of the day.

I'm not going to cry. I'm not going to cry. I'm not going to cry.

… Too late

Despite all my attempts to block the tears, the tears are beginning to stream down my face.

They're falling.

They're falling Fast!

This can't be happening, I am NOT sitting on a bus…Crying.

Really, who does that?

Me, that's who!

And what's worse? I'm not really sure why.

I mean, its not as though I love… loved him right?

Of course not!

He was just another… and he just found another.

It just hurts a little, that's all.

It was always just a game after all. It was only suppose to be an illusion… just a jealousy game.

And it worked. I should be happy.

…And yet I choose to ride a bus for two hours aimlessly?

Man, I'm pathetic.

I've got-had it bad.

In the end it doesn't matter.

After all I'm just a girl... Just another girl. He is just a boy... Just another.

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