Hey guys.

This is the first serious piece of poetry I have ever written, for the obvious reason that im not poet. This is NOT traditional poetry, I repeat its not traditional poetry, rather its a list poem.It doesn't have to rhyme. In fact its not suppose to. Nor is there any meter that it has to follow that I know about. I know it seems a crazy idea/concept. But its actuall quite fun to write. And is consider real poetry. I learnt about this as another creative writing excerice for uni.Its actually rather short compared to those written professionally, but I figured I got all that i needed to Say from in.

Hope you enjoy the various rambelings of my poem.

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I think… I think too much!

I think I'm insane.

I think that there is good in everyone,

Even when they prove me wrong.

I think I ramble…

I think I'm random,

But that's ok, because I know you do too…

I think I can't spell,

But I want to be a writer anyways.

I think I hate writers block

I think I have this block

I think I want my muse back

I think this class can cure me.

I think I want a red jellybean

I think I'm bored!

I think I'm hungry…

I think I'm lost!

I think I have friends,

You just can't see them.

I think pigs can fly…

And that the cow really did jump over the moon

I think I'm failing…

I think I'm passing.

I think accents are cool,

I think I want one.

I think I should be listening to the lecture…

I think I have nothing to say about that.

I think I will learn some other time.

I have a headache…

I have too much hair.

I think Wuthering heights was boring…

And that Heathcliffe was a prat, NOT a romantic.

I think I'm obsessed…

I think I dream

I think the world is amazing …

I think I want to travel overseas.

I think Japan was great.

I think Ireland is next…

I think I need some money!

I think I need a second job

I think I have no time for that

I think those seven hours shifts are going to kill me

I think I don't want to fly

I think that I'm afraid of heights

I think scary movies scare me!

I think I need to sleep

I think poetry is not my thing…

I think Herodotus is not broad-minded!

I think this headache should go away…

I think the Irish guy is a dead ringer for Johnny deep!

I think that's hot…

I think I want red hair.

I think brown hair is overrated.

I think Harry Potter is cool…

But Harry should have died.

I think I'm an individual…

Who loves to follow the crowd.

I think we all have superpowers,

And once again, you can just not see mine.

I think his on crack.

I think you should not say that.

I think I need not know the details of your sex life.

I think I need not care.

I think you're my enemy

I think I will be going now.

I think I lost my soul

I think this room is overcrowded…

Yet I think I am alone.

I think the titanic goes on and one…

I think, just like this poem.

Okay, right so there was suppose to be gaps in this poem. But for some reason. They formatting won't let me have them on this thing. Which is kinda annoying, but the poem should still read the same. Remember nothing has to rhyme, nor should it.

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