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Jane Doe

They call me Jane Doe. It's not my real name, but the people who found my body gave me that name. I remember them doing funny things to me like poking pieces of metal at my skin as if I'd react or take my picture as if I'd smile. They gave me the name Jane Doe when they had no other name to give.

I watched them as toyed with the limp and stony figure of what should have been me running and jumping in the field like I used to do. Instead, they kept on trying to answer the question: "Who killed Jane Doe?"

I knew they would never find him by just looking at my broken, ruined body. Could they not see the childish daisy in my hand that was picked from the field that I was found in? Could they not see the corruption in my very core that bled as soon as the innocence was broken? Could they not see the barbed wires, wrapped around my body, that were ripped from the fence? No. Why not? Because they were blinded by my own fear rather than their own.

But I saw and I was not afraid.

I was the only one who knew where to find him. The very stench of his flesh was still imprinted on mine. I could smell his fear from miles away from the moment my body was found. He was frightened out of his wits and dared to cower away to wherever. I grinned to hear his screams at every shadow creeping over his shoulder.

I was not afraid.

I followed him, tracing his footsteps from the fear, to the infidelity, to the kill and then back to the fear again. My senses were high and quick as I felt him coming closer. Had I still live muscles; they'd tighten in excitement. Eye for an eye, they say; life for a life I say. It was my turn to have fun now.

Once I heard the screeching of the wheels before me, I knew he was here and he stopped the vehicle. With a fear unlike any other poisoning his eyes, he'd gone mad and stepped out of the metal door, pointing at me.

"Leave me alone!" he screamed. "I killed you once before! Why wont you die?"

I felt a malicious smile of a serpent gracing my lips, ready to strike my own venom.

"It's my turn," I said to him and played my game.