Abort! Abort!

Twins by connectivity,
connected via cranium activity,
we stared with vague
hostility, your eyes and mine,
into our spine, in every nerve,
discerning worth and vitality.
Spoken softly, our schism
resounded violently with stifling clarity
and we conceded to connect
a terrible two-way that echoed
splendidly off of our tile surroundings
and reflection.
Arms, tongues, and trains of thought
fought desperately for dominance
and our embrace erased our nervous system.
Would Jesus still deny us
if we said it was abortion?
We tangled and writhed,
lithe and flawed,
and crawled into a
bath of chloroform.
We kissed, your mouth and mine,
and sank, cleansing and erasing
our tile, our reflection, our earth,
worth and vitality discerned.
We kissed and stinging fluid
seeped between our lips
and now we are asleep.

"Jesus, would you please see us?"