It's Been a Long Time Coming

Tore it up and walked away
Why'd you wanna go do that for?
Threw your Lego in
The lake
Why'd you wanna go do that for?

-DELAYS "Long Time Coming"

Chapter 5:Karma


"Did you hear what she did?"

"I heard she totally bitched her out and kicked her out of her house!"

"No way! She always seemed like such a sweet person!!"

"Yeah right. She thinks she rules this school because Erik spoke to her the other morning, when everyone knows he was only here to see Cassie."

"God, will the kids in this school ever grow up?" I asked, slamming the locker door shut.

"Expect this for a few more days," Andi warned, linking arms with me, "Marley the bitch and her bitch are on a rampage. It's only going to get worse."

"Not helping An'" I said ruefully.

"Just trying to be honest," she said, squeezing my arm.

"How bad is it?" I asked, as Erin, Jon, and Jaime approached.

"Well, the best story is: Kennedy has fallen madly in love with my brother and that Marley, out of the good of her heart, warned Kennedy not to sleep with him, she did, Eric dumped her, Marley said she should've listened to her, and then unappreciative Kennedy threw Marley and Ty out of her house," Erin seethed.

"There are some sick and twisted kids in this school," Jaime said sadly, "They can't ever accept that Erik and Kennedy have never been more then just friends."

"Y-Yeah, it's awful," I paled, trying to put that kiss in the back of my mind and ignoring the look Andi was giving me.

"It'll all blow over soon," Erin said, "It'll be all right. Jaime will protect you during Math."

"I'll be your knight in shining armor," Jamie said seriously, as we headed off to our first block class.

"It's ok Jaime," I said grimly, "I can handle it."

"Ignore them Kennedy," Jaime said sternly, "Hate to state the obvious but Marley's a jealous bitch."

"Jealous?" I laughed nervously, "Of what?"

"You. You're prettier then her," he said off handedly as we entered the room.

Don't blush. Don't blush.

"What?" I snapped.

"Ms. Larson? Please take your seat," Mr. Miller said dryly.

I felt myself reddening, "I'd be happy to."


"She's such a skank," I heard someone whisper, "Like, come on! Kicking your best friend out of your house for telling you the truth!"

"I know! I swear she's been sleeping with Eric all this time."

"Probably Adam too!" She giggled.

"Psst! Hey, who are y'all talking about?" I asked, "Like is it the girl who slept with her best friend's boyfriend and his brother!"


One down.

"Or like is it the girl who slept with her camp counselor while her boyfriend was in the other room?"


Two points Kennedy.





"Psst! Kennedy!" Jamie whispered.

Curious, I took the piece of paper he handed me.

Is your phone on?? was written in Jamie's lazy scrawl.

Hastily I replied, Yeah why.

Jaime looked at it and hastily motioned to my purse, "It's vibrating!"


I scrambled to pick it up.

One new message: Andi

bathroom conference…NOW!

Sighing, I raised my hand.

"Yes Miss Larson?"

"May I use the restroom?"

"Later," was Miller's terse reply.

"Please? It's a," I lowered my voice, "Girl emergency."

"Uh. Yes," he muttered, reddening as the class laughed, "Hurry up."


"Finally!" she exclaimed, "It took you long enough!"

"Andi!" I was fuming. "I just had to tell Miller I had a 'girl problem' in front of the whole freakin' class!"

"Oh, " she replied, casually leading me over to the chairs in the 'powder room' area in the bathroom, "What's going on with you and Eric?"

Rolling my eyes, I replied, "You sure are jumping into this fast."


I groaned. "Hecalledmebeautifulandthenkissedme."

"In English please?"

"He kissed me." I muttered.

"What? When?"

"The night he defended me from Marley."

"No freakin' way."


"I knew it." She breathed, "Praise God Almighty! I knew it!."

"Yeah well…It's ok. We agreed that it was a mistake and-"We?" Andi interrupted, raising an eyebrow.

"Well I said it-"God you're mental," she sighed, "Is that why he left?"

"I guess." I looked at the floor. "I don't see-

"Think Kennedy," Andi sighed, "He likes you."

I blushed. "No way. He's my 'brother'."

"So is Jaime," she pointed out.

"I-"Yes?" she interrupted, smiling sweetly.



Sighing, I turned away from Andi and picked up my bag. "We'll talk about this later." I promised.

Smirking, she nodded and opened the bathroom-

"Ow!" She exclaimed, "Watch where you're-"Oh look. Marley Jones," I remarked, "As if my day couldn't get better."

"Kennedy," my ex-friend sighed, "I really hoped we could get all of this behind us. I mean, I was only trying to help you."

"Cut the crap Marley," I warned, moving past her.

"Now Kennedy," she smiled, wrapping her manicured hand around my arm as I passed, "Please be mature about this."

"Don't touch me," I warned, jerking my arm free.

"Calm down-"Listen, bitch, leave Kennedy alone! I if I hear more of this stupid rumor I'm going to b-"Let's go Andi," I sighed, pushing through Marley's groupies.

"It's not a rumor," Marley said vindictively. Turning to her groupies she added, "It's so sad. I warned Kennedy about sleeping with that college dropout-


"Fuck you."



"Your Mom went out with Liam!" Melanie said, coming down the stairs. "I'm here with the boys."


"Ken, sweetie, uhm, don't you have practice, or something?"

"Ugh. I'll be in my room. "

I stomped up the stairs.


9:03 pm

yyeah k said: OMFG

redheadnirish: OMFG

ilovejon: OMFG

jonnyboy: wat a bitch

jaimeisalmighty: someone needs to slap that ho

redheadnirish: laughs k already did

jaimeisalmighty: SERIOUSLY??

yyeah k said: guilty :D

ilovejon: BAHAHAHA

jonnyboy: i wish i could've

redheadnirish: we should make it a daily occurrence


yyeah k said: go 4 it

redheadnirish: dibs on wen

yyeah k said: she's such a

redheadnirish: bitch

ikovejon: skank

jonnyboy: leech

jaimeisalmighty: possum

yyeah k said: possum?

jaimeisalmighty: yes. possum

yyeah k said: uhhh all of the above?

redheadnirish: can I skip the slapping and just take her out?

ilovejon: out? like shopping?

redheadnirish: uhh if I can kill her while shopping then surre

jaimeisalmighty: wat?

jonnyboy: uhh, babe? she meant like KILL out

ilovejon: o blush

yyeah k said: haha I 3 u

ilovejon: :D

redheadnirsh: wow…

yyeah k said: :P

jonnyboy: & her

redheadnirish: jon….it's ok to say f you

yyeah k said: then why..

redheadnirish: mbm

jonnyboy: same

yyeah k said: so?

jaimeisalmighty: ?

ilovejon: ??

jonnyboy: she's moved on to facebook….apparently you slept with him at her house

yyeah k said: shit

redheadnirish: damage control?

yyeah k said: please

jaimeisalmighty: karma's gonna b a bitch

ilovejon: alright love, I'm gonna go talk to the brother and fill him in….ok?

yyeah k said: it's alright…he doesn't need to kno….it's just stupid high school stuff

ilovejon: if you're sure….?

jaimeisalmighty: better him find out from erin then liam

ilovejon: yea

redheadnirish: just do wat u think is right…don't wanna make a mistake now do we, k?

redheadnirish has signed off at 9:15 pm


yyeah k said: I should tell him

ilovejon: ok

ilovejon has signed off at 9:16 pm


jonnyboy has signed off at 9:16 pm


jaimeisalmighty: kennedy go to bed, we'll take care of this

jaimeisalmighty has signed off at 9:17 pm

AWAY MESSAGE: karma meet your bitch- Marley meet your master

yyeah k said has signed off at 9:17 pm

AWAY MESSAGE: karma (and my friends) are bigger bitches then I ever will be



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