All In A Day's Work

"Hello…" Hydro checked the name on his file and smiled darkly. "…Kendall."

The girl turned around in fear and her face went ghostly pale. "Godfather…" she said quietly.

Hydro nodded. "Miss Richardson, I've given you a month. What's taking so long?" He seemed impatient and slightly annoyed.

Kendall seemed on the verge of tears as she replied, "Godfather, you have to understand. My dog just recently died, and I haven't been able to find the rest of the… funds." She looked at the floor uncomfortably.

Hydro considered this for a moment. "You have been… distraught?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

Kendall nodded, at a loss for any more words.

"You have until Friday," said Hydro. "Three days should be enough."

Kendall smiled in relief. "Thank you, Godfather!"

Hydro waved his hand lazily in the air. "Just get the coffee, Miss Richardson. Otherwise I will have to resort to extreme measures." He started to walk away, but then he said, "Oh, and, ah… by the way… Mr. Cuddles is looking a bit worn out. You know, your stuffed giraffe that you think nobody knows about?" He paused. "Yet?"

He smirked as he heard a faint gasp, and then he walked back down the hallway. He had a boy with a bad habit of watching Barney to take care of.

Just a drabble about a character from me and my friends' stories. We were freshmen when we came up with his name, so that will explain why he's got such an odd name like Hydro...