They say every girls 13th birthday an angel will fall from the havens above to watch over and care for her. The angel can only be seen in their true form by the girl he is assigned to. To others with angels the angel is in the form of a white cat, dog, dove, or owl that is fallowing the girl closely, or to those who don't he cannot be seen at all. The angel only accompanies the girl until she finds true love when she does the angel returns to heaven and the girl loses all memory of him. But on rare occasion that both the angel and the girl fall in love he has the option of being stripped of his immortality and staying on earth with her as a human…

Birthday Greetings and Silver Wings

My name is Maxine Aarons (Max) I live in Miami, Florida and I thought of my self as a normal girl about to have a normal birthday until I woke up this morning to something more than a vary un-cool ''happy birthday honey!'' from my parents…oh yeah much more.

Like every other morning I was awakened by my vary annoying pink Winnie the Pooh alarm clock which I had begged my parents to trade in for a no frills cobalt blue one that could keep time around the world, and played the radio instead of a bell… I think I've asked them that over 40 times now and only get the answer of an ''ask your mother'' or ''pull together your own money'' (which I don't have).

I groaned loudly as I reached over to it and smacked it hard turning it off and making it tumble off my nightstand and hit the carpet with a soft clank. I sat up slowly some of my joints popping in the process and ran a hand through my long brunette and streaked blue hair. I lifted my head high hazel eyes scanning my room lazily, my pink walls were covered completely with boy band posters, note book papers with lyrics on them, and pictures of me and family and friends. My fuzzy retro baby blue chair was still in the corner my guitar sitting in it, next to it was my large book shelf and tall modern looking silver lamp and a large window next to that had a view of the sunny beach. Everything seemed normal until I saw him.

He was sitting in a chair in front of my closed door; legs crossed one on top of the other hands placed lazily on one knee, sunlight pouring through the window bathing him in light. His posture was perfect in every way back straight. He was wearing a white T-shirt and believe it or not matching white jeans! I thought stupidly if he was wearing white boxers too… it passed quickly. His sandy blond hair was short and spiked with some kind of gel in the front, he's eyes are a vary strange color though, they were a pretty gold with an orange tint, ironically his eyes were the same exact color that I loved (next to blue that is) He smiled brightly at me with an easy 90 wat smile which made my breathing hitch for a moment.

''So you must be Max'' he said his voice much like the one of some famous pop star like Jesse McCartney or Joe Jonas.

He waited patently for me to speak never moving an inch. I nodded

'' Who are you?'' I managed to choke out.

His smile got brighter if that was even possible.

''I thought you'd never ask'' he said as he got up and strode over to my bedside in a way that made him look as if he was walking on air.

He stopped his eyes flickered from the bed to mine as if asking if he could sit. I nodded again he crawled up onto my bed he sat Indian style next to me and waited again as I sat up fully and putt my louse hair behind my ears.

''Max. Do you believe in heaven?'' he asked in a slightly serious voice.

I thought for a moment about the strange question.

''Yes and no ''I said

He raised an eyebrow

''Go on''

''Well I do believe that there is a such thing a spirit, but I can't say I believe in a certain place where dead people go after they well…you know die''

He laughed, smooth as silk.

''You really think that?'' he breathed

''What's so funny about it?'' I snapped

''Like your going to tell me I'm wrong!''

He stopped laughing and became serious once again.

''Yes'' he said calmly

''Max. I've bin there'' he paused thinking

I just sat there my eyes the size of dinner plates.

'' I don't know how to put this lightly but, I'm a guardian angel Max. Your guardian angel ''

Surely, I was stunned but being Max I tried not to faint, tried and failed.

''Max. Hey wake up''

I could hear the fear and annoyance in his voice as he talked and shook me gently trying to wake me up.

I opened my eyes slowly.

''W-what happened '' I said holding my head and, then I remembered that strange boy… he said he was my… I looked up quickly and saw that crazy boy. I knew it wasn't a dream it was way to weird to be a dream, I was about to go screaming for my parents to call the cops when I looked at his back… he had wings! Large long snow white wings with downy feathers where they met his back. My eyes widened again.

'' We aren't going to do anything rash now are we?'' he asked curiously on all fours in front of me.

I nodded.

He smirked, sat down and asked

''I suppose you want some explanations rite?''

I nodded again he then started to explain the Angel Code which was mostly stuff that I didn't understand except the part about how a male angel has to come to earth every time a girl turned 13(that part I seemed to be going through) He then started to explain the 13th year so they called it to me. I listened intently to everything he said. When he was finished I started to ask questions.

'' So you're saying I'm not the only girl with an angel?''

'' Yes, every other girl that is 13 or older has one'' he said

'' And people that don't have angels can't see you guys?''

He nodded

''And I can see other girl's angels and they can see you?''

''Yes and no, you see, angels only look like angels to the girls their assigned to, to others they look like either a cat, dog, dove, or owl''

''What would you look like?'' I asked

''A white cat'' he replied

I could tell he was bored

'' What's your name?'' I asked him.

His eyes sparkled the question capturing his interest.

'' I was waiting for that one'' he said slyly.

''Go on'' I said.

He smirked.

''The names Drew''