A/N: This is the first poem I've done for fictionpress. If you have any constructive criticism I would like to hear it.

In the land of the broken man

Surroundings swallowing words

Cancer eats through the velvet sack

Will you feed the birds?

Mine eyes aren't yours

But they see into your heart

A jigsaw puzzle remains undone

Will you feed the lark?

A dust cloud envelopes an aging sun

It foreshadows the judgment day

The carnival lights are glowing

Will you feed the jay?

What winds sweep through that city Sodom

The town they overtook

A spring dries up to create a desert

Will you feed the rook?

In the land of the broken man

An old woman walks through streets grim and narrow

Mortar and shells have become part of the landscape

Will you feed the sparrow?