A/N: It took me so long to write this. It's still not everything.

Baby, I will be your butterfly girl
Dressed up in sequins and stars,
Paint my eyes like peacock feathers,
And shimmer-wink at you past
Sweat-glistening bodies,
Half-shadowed and half-illuminated
By mirrored disco balls that look like
Exploding moons,
Dance with you like the hump of my back
Fits into the curve of your stomach,
My hands a gentle noose around your neck
And yes, I'll let you place your fingers
Lightly on the strip of skin between articles of clothing
And then harder, now
Baby I want to feel you gasp

Heart, I will be your Cur(i)e and Athena
Because I know those empty heads and lazy whines
Start your temples throbbing dull
I'll lie tangent to the line of your waist
And this science is not my forte but
I could try
To talk protein and cells and mechanics
(baby at least I can talk heat transfer and life for hours)
Because I know you appreciate a certain brightness
In my eyes when I get excited;
I feel more awake when I'm around you,
I think you still take me seriously
Even though I'm really more of a person
Who tries for e.e. cummings
And whose giggles sometimes get in the way
Of her arguments but nevertheless I'm glad you notice
That I Think
Heart I want you to murmur secrets in my ear
Because you know I'll understand them.

Darling, I will be your Wendy-girl
And we'll wrestle on jewel-toned leaves
I'll smear dust across your
little-lost-boy cheek, shape it like a kiss/acorn
if you want me to make the first move,
I will be laughter and song and playing rough
Is a return to a simpler time,
Though I think your eyes are anything but
I'll be the wild child, hair in disarray
And there are too many adventures to be had
But I'll save the best for you
Darling, let's stay in Never-Never-Land
For Ever-ever and
I'll grow up for you, but I'll still wear
That silly dress I know you like
Because your laugh is still little boy warm
And our hands are small
Darling I want your thimble

Love, I'll be your lullaby
Your sweet your sigh your after
I'll be the clock after midnight, the smell in your sheets
And you can pour your secrets and truths
Into my lips
I'll sit quiet silent with you at dusk and sometimes instead
I'll spit words and lyrics and thoughts and keep up
A running commentary on this funny thing called life
Then too I'll smile into the hollow of your bones
Because all I want to do is touch you
And know you
Love I'll be your darlingbabyheart if you'll be mine,
Be mine,
And this pulsing red mass in my chest is
Wanting you.

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