My Shy Blake

I, Abby Parker, had always thought that my best friend, Blake Johnson, was the shyest boy in the universe. But I realized how wrong I was the day we went to his house to do a team project.

The teacher let the girls chose their project partners. It had to be a boy, and all the boys were the kind of guys who let the girl the whole work (yeah, we are smarter than them), except for Blake. So I eventually chose him, not to add the fact that he's my best friend.

We went together home, because he has no parents or siblings and my damn parents are just never home. We're actually sort of in the same road. To give you an idea of how Blake looks like, he has golden eyes and his hair is kind of all wavy and hazel. On the opposite hand, I'm just a 16-years-old brunette with green eyes. In fact he's also 16, just a few weeks older than me.

Blake is a really nice guy, you know. Unlike his twin brother, Drake, who is a stupid bastard which I wish would just go to hell. Actually, I met them both when Drake was bothering me and Blake defended me. We were little 5-years-old kids (and let me tell you; I was cute!). At first I was like "what the, they're the same?!" Back then I didn't know there existed "exactly-like" brothers, of course. We became friends when I realized Blake was the good one, and I began calling his brother "his clone." Drake gets angry when I call him Blake's clone. He imagines himself as the little one instead of the monster he is. I like when I make Drake feel insignificant.

We went to his house because we needed to search on the internet stuff about the French Revolution, and my computer had just exploded or died days ago. But since I was really hungry, and I get mad and angry when I don't eat, he prepared burgers and we ate. Then we began searching the info.

Let me tell you a secret. I like Blake. A lot. Maybe even love if that's how you wanna call it. And I know he also feels something for me. God, I'm a girl and he's my best friend! How am I not seeing that he feels something for me?! Anyway, he has tried to ask me out in several occasions, but like I said before, he's way too shy to complete the invitation. It's so frustrating. But going back to the original subject…

"Are we almost done yet?" I asked impatiently sitting on a chair.

"We just have to print out this information and it's finished, Abby. Don't pressure me when I'm working!" answered Blake. As I get angry when I'm hungry, he gets angry when he's working and you distract him or pressure him in this case. I rolled my eyes. "Abby, have you ever been in love with someone before?" I blushed slightly.

I swear to my damn parents I was about to stand up and yell right in his face, "of course I'm in love… with you, you idiot!"

But I just replied with a "no, I've never been in love before." As soon as I said this and stood up from my place, I felt myself being harshly pushed into the wall, my friend's hands gripping on my shoulders. "What are you doing?!" I asked. He didn't say anything, only look at me in a determined way.

Before I could reply to his silence, Blake pressed his lips hardly against mine. Every time I tried to pull back, his hands gripped more on my shoulders, and he pushed me even harder against the wall. I think I was already purple from the lack of air, so I opened my mouth to get in oxygen. Blake took this chance and slipped his tongue into my mouth. After I began breathing normally again, I realized, "hey, this is what I want! This is what I have always wanted since I'm in love with him!" Enjoying the sensation, I slipped my arms around his neck, bringing him even closer. He imitated me by wrapping his arms around my waist.

"Damn, Blake," I murmured against his lips. Then we both pulled apart. "What the hell was that for, Johnson?"

"You're such an idiot, Parker. I love you. I fucking love you," he said. We only called each other with our last names when we were like really serious or something.

"You're the idiot for not realizing that I also love you," I replied, looking at the floor. Blake chuckled.

"You're wrong; I already knew it."

"Then why did you ask me if I had been in love with someone before?"

"I was just making sure I was right since the beginning." He lifted my head so now I was staring at him. Soon afterwards, Blake leaned down and kissed me again.

So my shy Blake Johnson was not so shy after all.