Appendix: Giants

(translates: 'The Light Kings', or 'Kings of Light)


Ivory skinned, tall (usually between 7 and 12 feet when fully matured) and long lived. A feature individual to their race are 'elemri' (often called "Body Lashes' or 'Giant's Lashes') which are two silky tufts of hair that grow from beneath the bosom and across the ribs. They begin to grow during puberty, and never gray like the hair of the head. The elemri are one of four colors, which by a miracle of nature indicate that Giant's dominant element. Red (fire), green (earth), blue (water), white (air.) Most giantesses would be embarassed to discuss or display their elemri (accept among other giantesses), but for giants it is a common and accepted practice.


The Giants are exiles of Mino, the land from which they were driven by the marauding army of the rebel Surt, a fire-giant guilty of unspeakable deeds. They are divided into eight tribes, named for eight of the Giant Patriarchs who were leaders during the exodus; Zael, Elah, Hab, Roenum, Hallum, Llyr, Yorvhal, and Menah. The tribal leaders sit on a council and elect a King to lead them. The election is based wholly upon the individual merits of the kingly candidate, bloodlines and ancestry are not considered. The Giant's Keep is not a building as may be suggested by the name, but the title of the lands that the Giants cultivate and claim as their own.


The Giants are servants of the Fates who are the weavers of time and the caretakers of the World Tree. They are worshipers of nature, of balance and life. They are a ceremonial and ritualistic people, ever focused on keeping tradition intact as they sojourn in a new land. Most of Giant religion is focused on the eight feast days each year: Yule, Soll, Vurna, Amra, Fari, Dinn, Aunna, and Valk. There are also ceremonies associated with the cycles of the moon and stars.

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