The Candle

The room was dark, silent. The only thing present was an unlit candle, a locked door, and I. There was something eerie about this emptiness, and I felt a sudden urge to run away. Yet there was nowhere to go. I had to stay in this cursed place. But the darkness was driving me crazy, the fright of the unknown lurking somewhere in the room with me was intense. I groped my way to the single candle and grabbed it, then found a match and lit it. The fire started to burn the wick as I blew out the match and threw it away. I had never felt this thankful about a thing as simple as this pale ray of light.

Then I noticed the writing on the wall across the small room. It was barely discernable, but curiosity got the best of me. I forced my weary body, rigid from paranoia, to move towards the message. The five second walk felt more like hours as the shadows cast from the light of the candle seemed to mock my fright. I finally stopped in front of the message:

In every human being
Is a yearning to know more
A deep need of re-seeing
The unknown we felt before

Do you feel like you want to
Meet the owner of this flame?
If you want her to talk to you,
Break the silence with her name.

I felt petrified as my eyes ran across the lines. But I found myself saying out loud, "Death!" My voice pierced through the silence like a knife, echoing in the room. Then the door opened slowly and a thin young girl stepped out. Her chalky skin seemed to glow and her jet black bangs hid her eyes. I felt immediately threatened by her presence. My candle dimmed dangerously, and I backed up as she walked forward. She was smiling; a horribly twisted, sly smirk.

"I don't want you here," she hissed, her pale lips barely moving. She then pushed away her bangs and I saw the two black holes where her eyes should've been. Then the light from my candle flickered out.

A/N: My first contribution to the FP site! I actually wrote this for an English project, but I thought it was pretty good and worth reading. I hope you enjoyed and I hope you'll review!