Kissing her
It was like drinking the wind
Tasting autumn crumble-crinkle in my mouth
Twisting words into my tongue
That death was only a little while
Winter would someday melt to spring

but i stand here in a lonely apartment
teeth chattering
hands cupped across my knees
waiting or footstep sounds

Someone said last kisses taste like summer
Melodies that stick in between the gaps of your teeth
Sunshine melting smiles always to be quenched

but i remember
quick words exchanged
irony thrashing at our throats
what time is now is not what it was then
are lips close enough to feel yet
thoughts of tomorrow already wasted
it was all too simple

She was the goddess in my bloodstream
Body sprinkled in rainbow energy
Arrayed in a spectrum of obsession
Here skin stretched next to mine
I knew she was made for the stars
And a word only she could have created

but now she is tangled
eyes pale without freckles
words swallowed inside
wearing church-clothes and new shoes
lips tight and lifeless white
and all the light is gone
like someone swallowed my sun

I've kissed my princess
Breathing story book lies
For her

but i know
she's not waking up