I need you,

But then I don't.

It's hard to forget a feeling like this.

So I wont.

I need you like a drug addict needs rehab.

At first,

They say, "I don't need this,"

But in the end,

They're glad they did it.

It takes a while for me to get up,

And what if I don't?

Would you even care?

If I did wake up,

Ten years from now,

Would your face be there?

Would you be drooling,

And snoring,

And mumbling out things,

That I cant hear?

Would I be able to laugh at you,

Hug you,

Or Kiss you?

Could we both wake up and make fun of each other's bad hair days?

This thing,

Called Love,

I cant handle it.

Tell me,

Would you always be there for me

Like I would be there for you?

Would take my hand,

And give me a smile?

I always hate it when you say that Nothing Lasts Forever,

Because they do.

If you should ever cry,

I'd be there.

If you should ever feel bad,

I'd be there.

Your Heart has been buried for so long,

But it can still be Broken.

Would you rather be Broken,

By someone in the past,

Than be Afraid,

Of what might happen if we were together?

I wouldn't,

No, I couldn't,

Do that.


I just wanted you to know that.