He was the only male there. I kid you not.

We were sitting at the back, next to each other. He was slumped down in his chair; arms folded across his chest, staring at the screen and the woman although it was obvious he wanted to be anywhere but where he was.

Which was in a room similar to one in a cinema, except instead of a TV screen you had a stage and a roll down screen on which you could project images and text from a laptop.

To be perfectly honest with you, I didn't blame him.

You're probably wondering who 'he' is and what we're doing in the Town Hall.

'He' is my boyfriend Nathan and I'm Isabella. We were bored so our parents suggested we go to the Town Hall and see if there were any activities that we could do. We laughed, thinking they were joking, and as soon as we realised they weren't, slowly walked out of the house towards the building. We hadn't had anything else to do, after all.

There were a few activities on but none of them were our sort of thing. Plus none were in our age range. Then someone announced that a presentation was about to start, so we decided to take a chance and check it out.

Five minutes later we wished we hadn't taken the chance. We'd deliberately taken a seat at the back, hoping to leave if we got insanely bored but we realised that wasn't happening as the doors closed and someone stood there, giving us a look that meant we had to stay there. We hoped the presentation wouldn't be boring.

Our prayers weren't answered.

As soon as we had sat down the lights dimmed and a PowerPoint presentation began on the screen. It was titled, in large red letters, LOVE.

We were surprised. That would be our first emotion. Nathan actually stood up to leave, but I pulled him down. I was interested to see how it turned out.

It was boring. It talked about the different types of love, and how love can make you feel. It was interesting for some; the girls at the front were talking quietly, and they weren't giggling. They kept on glancing at the screen and making little comments. They looked interested. Well, so did everybody else.

That was probably because they knew what was happening at the presentation, unlike Nathan and I, and, unlike Nathan and I, they wanted to be there and listen.

It might have been less…boring and more intriguing if I hadn't been there with my boyfriend. I mean…it's different with your boyfriend than with your friends. I felt slightly uncomfortable talking about love when my boyfriend was sitting right next to me, looking absolutely bored out of his mind.

I looked at him and he suddenly turned his head, as if he had sensed me staring at him. He gave me a quick smile and caught my hand in his, stroking it with his thumb.

I smiled back and then turned back to the screen. Suddenly the female representative who had been talking turned and scanned the audience. I hoped she wasn't looking for volunteers, or wouldn't single anybody out; because knowing my luck in those situations; I would be picked.

"Ah, we have a male in the room!" She suddenly announced and about thirty heads turned and stared at Nathan. I knew he hated people staring at him, and that he hated to be the centre of attention, so I couldn't help but giggle slightly.

"Could you come to the front, please?" She asked, smiling in what anybody else would thought to be pleasantly, but for Nathan I bet it would have seemed terrifying.

"Oh…kay." Nathan slowly stood up. He walked out of the row of chairs we were sitting in, and as he passed me he muttered:

"I am going to kill you for dragging me here." I gave him a sweet smile as he made his way up to the front.

At the front of the room there was a stage, which was where the screen was, and where the woman was standing. Nathan walked up the stairs to the stage, and I had to suppress a giggle when he nearly tripped.

"So, who are you?" The woman asked amiably.

"Nathan," my boyfriend said in a clear voice, which was surprising.

"Hello, Nathan. So…are you here alone?"

"I'm here with my girlfriend." I heard a few girls sigh and I laughed to myself.

"Ooh. Did you plan to come here today?"

"Actually, it was a spontaneous action." If he could have continued the sentence, I knew what he would say. "It was a spontaneous action that I regret. Deeply."

I know my boyfriend so well.

"So what did you think of the presentation?" From that question I realised the presentation was nearly over. Part of me rejoiced, but part of me froze. What did you think of the presentation? I knew Nathan wouldn't say boring – he would never do something like that – but what else could he say? He hadn't paid any attention to it whatsoever, (I knew because he had his face on that said: "I'm-so-bored" and that meant he had listened at all) and 'interesting' wouldn't be enough, I had a feeling.

"Well…it was interesting. Makes you think about how overrated the word love actually is. Very…well, it got you thinking about love and how it can make you feel." He's making it up as he goes along, I thought and silently laughed. To me, it was hilarious, but surprisingly everyone else seemed extremely intrigued by what he was saying, and they actually believed he had paid attention to the presentation and had liked it.

Once he had finished, he nodded slightly to show he was done and started to walk back to his seat. This time he didn't trip.

But people started clapping.


And that's when I started laughing out loud.

It was a good thing the presentation was over, because otherwise I would have got kicked out.

Although maybe that wasn't such a bad idea…


"Hmm?" I replied. I was sitting on Nathan's bed, reading a book. Two hours ago we had got back from the Town Hall and in half an hour of returning, Nathan had got me back for taking him to the presentation.

He threw ice cream at me. Chocolate ice cream. With little mint bits in it. And yeah, that tastes nice but you're not exactly its number one fan when it helps ruin your shirt.

So now one of my favourite shirts is completely ruined. I tried to wash it but me and washing machines don't get along…

It shrunk.

It wasn't even my fault that we had gone there.

Our parents had insisted we go to the Town Hall. Nathan had suggested we go into the presentation. The only thing I had done was agreed with him! Is agreeing with your boyfriend such a big offence these days?

All right, so I'd followed my parent's orders, but that isn't a crime, and besides, Nathan had done that as well.

Anyway, he was lying on his bed, and I was sitting next to him. I laid the book down next to me and turned to him. I knew his tone of voice. It meant he was going to start talking, in a serious manner, and he wanted me to listen.

"That love presentation thing really got me thinking."

"Oh?" I asked, curious.

"Love is such an overrated word. So many people say it. Little kids…well, not little kids…what I mean is, some teenagers. They write stuff on their hands like "Rebekah lovin' Dan" and stuff like that. And I don't have a problem with that…you might have done it, loads of people have. But they don't know what love is. Most people don't. But they want to. I mean…it sounds great to "be in love". Girls want that, and maybe some boys want that too. Some people really want to feel something as powerful as that for somebody else…which is great. I know that feeling. To care for someone like that…it's kinda scary, but great at the same time."

If that was the speech he had said this morning, no wonder people had applauded.

"But lastly," Nathan said, sitting up. "Lastly, it made me realise how much I love you."

And with that he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me.

I slid my arms around him as he deepened the kiss and ran my hands through his hair. I soon felt his doing the same.

After a long and passionate kiss, I pulled away and said softly:

"I love you too."