-Jezebel (disarmed)-

once I bottled up a phantom
and then sucked out the air
I screwed, and glued, and Sued it shut
and waited, unaware

convinced the eidolon was trapped
tightly wrapped around my thumb
I chased, embraced, and erased that wraith
and then silly me, I thought I'd won

but at a glimpse, saw he had vanished
found another of whom he was fond
escaped, and raped, and shaped that virgin
as a bona fide little vagabond

you liquified her from within her outward
harboring no suspicion that she would succumb
you adjusted, lusted, and must have rusted her
and now, poof-be-gone! you'll leave her numb

I was left here to wallow in apologies
just the residual of an affair fucked up
I wailed, derailed, but to no avail
it wouldn't take on toil to give you up

so in the darkness of my dreams and nightmares
the film I watch is quite a thriller
I cursed, disbursed, the worst of her
in the end I tried to kill her

had I lain in unenlightenment
had I umbrellaed away the storm
I'd be crooked, wicked, horror-stricken
I'd be me before awareness was born

feeble now, I'm spineless, timid
when faced against your new foolishly charmed
so send to hell, Jezebel
because Estelle, the enemy, has been disarmed.

Copyright 2000 by Susanne Estelle Hendrickson