Glare upon my porcelain face, shrouded in this silk, woven by lies

Stare into the depths of my sultry gaze, given with serpentine eyes

Blackened slits in the mist of blue, twins to those of the wrists

Or don't you remember that night when upon death did insist?

He offered his hand so gracefully, just like you had done so many times before

But why did you not reach out that time when daggers were screeching through my core?

Did you despise the very essence that was me? The way you had made me

Because it was you that constructed me, like every trait of me was a building block, see?

Cracks appear in my surface where your malevolence could not piece my attributes

They slowly ebb through this supposed indestructible wall, giving me the truth

For it was your imprints found upon the steely blade

Slashed through me, the gruesome model you have made

Carvings were never your forte

The reasons for my death have gone astray

Lost in a mind as hopeless as yours is now