-Once Heretofore-

The most valuable sacrifice-
once of only time, thoughts of twice-
which heretofore none could stir
in the caverns of the heart of her
and rends her indecisive, torn in two,
is now underway because of you.

A lullabye in your breath was heard.
Disentangled without a word.
Could I rest you here, so sound and safe,
that your heaviness would mitigate...
to be drawn aware in sage unharm,
to know security despite disarm:
I ensure these things you give to me,
across the chambers and the blood they breathe.
Your grace defies even that of beauty.

Those averted eyes that fall again
to searching mine for truth, I give faith to them.
...so I hesitate to retrace my steps,
vascilant now once, turning from what was left.
...vulnerable and open wide,
leaving things behind is still sacrifice,
what without and losing i only expand,
not meet the lacking i've come to understand.
And the final words have been weighed
I am told not to shy away,
but run to you, open with fervent embrace.

Your volition leads my journey's each turn
and in your arms is my adventure,
just breathe for me, either to or fro,
just catch my hand and lead my follow.
I have but an entire heart with which to love
and the wholeness of my soul, is that enough?
Needing only freedom from all dis-ease;
only lacking to be complete.
And no promises of neither being torn asunder,
just the swear that I won't hold you under.
No remuneration for losses endured
just your silence, unassured...
mearely studying for a reeling guard,
confident it is not so hard
to yawn and fall in my breathing heart.

Copyright 2001 by Susanne Estelle Hendrickson