Inspired to the arms of poetry and not wanting to fight this addiction.

The Other AA (Authors Anonymous)

we're alcoholics in our own sense,
us that write.

we drink daily from
the source of all words
(something like an ever-filling bottle)
until we're giddy with
the sensation of being
at the top of your game
every time you play.
and when that flow stops...

withdrawal hits

(the shakes, twitching,
compulsive little movements
that don't help at all)
and we'd rather be dead
than keep going.

but help comes in
unlikely places
and Passion puts us
back among friends
of like-minded addictions.

they're right when they say
it's a disease.
but it's a disease
we'd rather cut off our
write hand
than give up.

where some would turn to
other sources
for their comfort,
we come back to this,

wishing and dreaming
in shades of grey imagination.