Story about girl running away from her old life, dealing with complications, tragedies and the choices she must make in her life F/F Slash.

AJ Moore was 17, about to turn 18. She should be happy, why?? she is in a grunge band that her and her ex boyfriend put together in early years of high school. By time they were 16 playing at friend's parties' a father recognised their potential, offered to be a manager and got them signed. They called themselves Jaded and now their future was looking bright. AJ should be happy since didn't need to finish school, life is one party but it was all becoming tiresome.

The band manager Errol looked out for the youngsters, see to their every need. They group had girls, guys, all the party needs to keep them happy as they continue the upward rise of the band.

AJ looked at her watch 8.28pm and sighed. Errol will be sending for her and its then she decided to tell him of her leaving the band. She was the only one not signed to extend the contract.

She looked in the mirror yet to put make up on but her face was sunken, she was sick and tired of the scene. Tired of partying, of the many drugs binges. She had no idea what she would do without the band, but guessed she would have enough money to go back to school.

Tap at her door "its open Errol. She finished with her makeup and head out to main room.

Errol wraps arms around her "hey gorgeous, hows my little angel doing. Wow I like this new look."

Gives her a hug and holds her a little longer. This was another reason she was getting out. His unwanted touching and affection was repulsing her.

"right 20 minutes and into the car. the boys already waiting on you, but I told them it was a girl thing" touches her face.

AJ walks away. "Errol I have something to tell you, no easy way but I'm not signing the contract and I'm leaving Jaded"

Errol quiet at first "better deal" he half asked

"no" AJ looked out the window feeling nervous

"one of the band member, oh your ex Mika giving you, look I'll handle it"

AJ smacked side of her leg and faced Errol in frustration "no no, I'm not happy, I don't want to be in this band anymore. I'm tired, I want to do something else with my life. It was fun for a while, to rebel yada yada but now it's a fucking circus and I'm sick of everything and everybody."

Errol mulled it over and walked to her "I see so therefore all the people that helped you get to where you are, all the time put in to keeping you happy and you say go to hell" his voice rising

AJ wouldn't look at him "No…. I'm saying I've run my course in this band….. I'm out, I can be replaced, you won't have a problem finding someone Errol"

"There is no one like AJ, slick, raw, untameable" he boasts

AJ had enough "I'M OVER IT, tonight after this gig I'm telling the boys that I'm done and dusted.

AJ headed to the door when Errol grabbed her arm hard and yanked "you listen to me and you listen good you little bitch. This ride is not over until I say it is"

"fuck off, let me go" struggles, and breaks free

Errol backhanded AJ sending her to the ground. AJ back away but Errol grabbed her and dragged her into the bedroom and pinned her to the bed

"you fucking little bitch you don't get it. You don't run this band I do which means I own you. You don't tell me when its time to leave."

He licks up side of her neck. AJ tries to scream but he muffled her with one hand and started undoing his pants.

" you're such a little prick tease and its about time I taught you a lesson."

He pulls down her cargo pants and pushes in hard.

Tears stream down AJ's face and she tried to fight in vain

"its time you learn who is boss" he finishes and gets off.

He fixes himself up and looks down at the crying girl "I own you AJ, nothing is going to change that. Now tidy your scraggy ass up and get down stairs."

Back stage the feeling was building from the audience chanting, AJ was shaking and walks back to the dressing room. She rummages through Mika's bag until she finds a small clear bag. She takes out pills. Mika had always warned her 1 was enough to get the party started. 2 was to forget time and 3 was the end of the world. AJ shaking she knew the only way to get away was…. She swallows 5 pills.

The band was on stage for 20 mins when Mika noticed AJ acting strange. Not completing lyrics, stagging and uncontrollable laughing. Song finished and Mika went to AJ

"what has gotten into you, how many did you take"

AJ didn't say anything, her eyes glazed over and she stumbled forward. Mika grabbed her and she collapsed and convulsed on stage.

The auditorium hushed as paramedics worked on AJ's lifeless body. She had no pulse for last 3 minutes.

Mika was yelling at AJ "don't you die" over and over again.

They worked on her in the ambulance and into emergency where the doctors finally got a pulse.

Week had passed and AJ was sitting up in bed. Mika appeared in door.

"fuck you scared us, you were dead on stage, you were a legend for about 7 minutes." He half laughed


"why, what's wrong"

She told him about leaving the band and he accepted the news sadly and wished her well.

Few days later Errol appeared in her room. "go away, I'm going to call the nurse." Growled AJ

"I'm sorry, I should not have pressured you and I never wanted you to"

"you fucking raped me you bastard. I wanted to die because of you so fuck off because I'm not going back to the band."

"is that your final decision"

AJ holds up a finger giving her final response.

Late that afternoon AJ was moving around when some people in white walked into her room and looked at her chart, doctor looked her over visually.

"you were a real lucky girl AJ, and you need to get help for you addiction problem. But for now I'm discharging you."

"what, I don't feel strong enough."

She found out because she had quit the band the company had pulled the pin on her medical treatment. To make things worse she was broke as the record company refused to release funds claiming she had forfeited after leaving the band prematurely.

A week she was in and out of shelters, AJ had no family, no home, no where to go.

After another cold night on the street she found a pamphlet to read. It promised her help build her self esteem, and give her a family and all she had to give was 5 years of her life. This was her last hope or else the needle she had saved to end her days would be used.

She opened the door to the warm room and sat down. She looked around all the posters showing military persons in uniform, performing tasks and all wanting her. She felt this was her salvation.

"I'm sorry but you need to move out, we don't make house to vagabonds" came a booming voice.

AJ stood up and focused as well as she could. "I've come to join up, I want to be part…I want to fight for my country and stuff."

He looked at her "love I doubt you could even fight to stay upright." He grabs her but she shrugs him off

"no…. I'm not"

He grabs her harder and dragging her to the door as she struggles "don't, please" she whines.

"Let her go corporal" came gruff voice.

"yes major"

The tall figure moves into AJ's view. AJ looks up at the tall soldier, surprised the voice came from a female

"your name" came short request

"It's…… its Ashlee Moore"

The corporal whispered something in the major's ear and she nodded

"my office" she ordered

The major shut to door as Ashlee went to sit.

"I don't remember saying you can sit" she gruffed

Ashlee shakily got to her feet "sorry, umm major"

"I am impressed you put up quite a fight. Most addicts just let you throw them out. Look Moore the army is not a rehab clinic, tax payers would not be impressed if we just let any one in with addiction problems.

"I need this Major, I'm not afraid to fight for country"

"hmmm" she let Ashlee continued

Ashlee stagged forward but caught her footing. "your pamphlet said we could all be family, we take care of each other and our country."

"how long you been clean" still not moved

"2 weeks, 3 days. I'm seeing someone in free clinic. Umm can I have a drink"

"No. If I was to drug test you now, would you pass"

"I don't know" tears starting to swell

"answer no, it takes at least 3 weeks. I can't accept you this week."

It was too much for Ashlee her life was gone now and she sat down and cried. "if you don't give me a chance what hope have I got of anyone."

Major pour water and gave it to Ashlee "how old are you, 23, 24"

"umm, thanks….17"

"bloody hell" Major growled "I can't except you even if I wanted to. You must be 18."

Ashlee gets to her feet. "I'm 18 in two days, if it makes any difference."

Major looked at her clock. She had been chatting to her for nearly an hour. "look, stick at this another week and if you are serious then come back and we will drug test you. If all is ok, I might."

Ashlee started to smile

"I might consider you"

"a week"

"a week" repeated Major

Ashlee smiled "thank you Major"

Major reached into her pocket and pulled out some money. "get yourself something to eat. You don't even look like you could old up your skeleton."

"thanks, I'll manage" and leaves knocking back the majors offer