Ashlee's manager reported about the concert sell out and tried to talk to her about a tour but noticed she wasn't as focused as she had been a few days ago.

"Ashlee what's the matter, you've gone from being giddy as a child with a new puppy to sore gut of misery. Talk to me"

Ashlee glared "I don't have to tell you anything."

"look if you are a little up tight about the concert don't be, you are going to be a hit. Your song is number 3 in the charts, your album in top 10. Your come back is a success, are you having second thoughts."

"no…look its complicated and I don't want to talk about it."

"talking helps"

"not for me"

"that cos you don't know how to communicate. Whether that's because of your time in the army or your experiences with Jaded…. but you and I always communicated.

"Mika I appreciate your support, your encouragement but I just."

Mika grabs Ashlee's hands "speak to me…you can tell me anything."

Ashlee felt trapped "I've been seeing someone."

"fantastic…is it serious…..what's his name." her pained look shut him up.

"I met this person when I was in the army and accidentally met up again and and….."

"and" urges Mika excitedly

"and it, its all too complicated"

Mika sighed "that's always been your cry….. about time you stopped using that excuse and start facing complicated situations."

"fuck off, I spend 5 years in complicated situations" she yelled

"yeh but its always the emotional complications you run from"

"I don't need a lecture"

"then face the complication, just tell me so we can work it out and get you on track."

Ashlee faced Mika "I got into a relationship with my commanding officer while in Iraq. I broke it off, just like I have again. She's married with a kid, but it's a sham seeeee COMPLICATED."

"back up…. You are having a relationship with a woman, who is married."

Ashlee spilled the whole situation to Mika along with tears and tantrums.

Mika sat back in his seat "do you love her"

Ashlee shrugs

"Ashlee if you are really serious about this woman and you believe she is too then give her an ultimatum, it's you or the husband. She's nearly 40 years, if she can't stand up to her religious freak parents then it probably isn't worth pursuing. You tell her….if she wants to be apart of your life then get rid of the token husband. It's as simple as that."

Ashlee took some deep breaths and walked into the office. The girl behind the recruitment desk stood up.

"can I help you, would you like to ohhhh your"

"hmmm yes I know, can I see Amanda, I mean Major Patterson ."

"yes I'll just let her know you're here Ms Moore." She turned to the other door "umm I just want to say that it was an honour to serve in the same unit you were in during Iraq."

"thanks, can I see the major now please private."

The door opens and major stands in awe. The private closes the door on the pair and they continue to look at each other.


"just listen" she paused and Amanda waited "I don't want to fight what I feel for you anymore. You are the only person that gets me, so if you want to be in my life, apart of my life then I need you to do something for me."

Amanda smiled "anything"

"leave him…..leave your husband, break off your so called marriage. I adore Sam and I want you both in my life."


"it's the only way I can do this….it him or me."

"an ultimatum, I never expected that from you."

Ashlee walks up to Amanda and kisses her "I'm serious, I have a concert tonight 8pm. I'd like an answer before then."

She then leaves.

Ashlee paces the corridor under the stadium. The roars of the crowd was deafening. She looks at her watch, 15 minutes. She groans

"hey " came a voice behind her.

Ashlee watches as Amanda walks down the corridor towards her. Ashlee grabs Amanda's arms panicky.

"I can't do this….I can't breath. I can't go out there. I don't remember the lines to my songs."

"shhhhh calm down. You are going to be fine, just take some breaths, I'm here for you

Ashlee broke free "in what capacity" the music starts warming up and the crowd cheers

Ashlee's body shakes uncontrollably. Amanda hold her and rest against her forehead "as of 1700 hours I told David that it was over, I wanted a divorce and I'm taking Sam. I would do anything for you."

Amanda seals her speech with a kiss. Ashlee throws arms around Amanda and kisses her back hard wanting more. Amanda presses her to the wall kissing down her neck.

The door opens "ummm 5 minutes umm" called Mika

The girls look at him and nod

"I have to go" said Ashlee sadly

"I know….. and I'll be waiting back stage."

Ashlee kisses her again "I love you."

Amanda smiled "now you're singing my song."

The end.