i've done interviews for some of my characters before, but i took those questions and put them to trey and colt and was amused at the resulting banter. so i decided to post it as a bonus chapter for you guys. because ya'll rock. yep.

tuesday, october 30, 2007. 9:07 pm.

::::begin question/answer::::

How Old Are You?

Trey: "Twenty-six"
Colt: "…Almost thirty."
Trey: "Really?"
Colt: (nod)


Trey: "Not too sure. Six foot something."
Colt: "Six even. Trey's six foot two."
Trey: "…You're a scary sunuvagun."
Colt: "Fuck you."
Trey: (laughs) "Later."

You Have Any Bad Habits?

Trey: "My big fat mouth. No doubt."
Colt: "No, I don't."
Trey: (laughs hysterically and earns himself a hard punch to the side)

Are you a virgin?

Trey: "Lost mine at thirteen."
Colt: "Not anymore." (glances at Trey)
Trey: "What?"
Colt: "…Fucking, thirteen?!"
Trey: "What?! I looked up to the fucker! He was my gang mate!"
Colt: (Scowls)

Who's your Mate?

Trey: "Well, Pete's my best friend. And I'm dating this sour ass here."
Colt: (refuses to speak)
Trey: "See what I fuckin' mean? If he weren't sexy, it'd be sayonara on his fine ass."
Colt: (shoots a look to kill)

Have Any Kids?

Trey: (laughs) "That'd be the day. Male pregnancies, maybe."
Colt: "…I dunno, it'd be nice, wouldn't it?"
Trey: (gobsmacked)
Colt: (blushes) "Moving on…."

Favorite Food?

Trey: "Sushi. For real! Don't knock the fish, or I'll fucking smack ya in the face with my bat!"
Colt: "Steamed baby carrots and new potatoes with pot roast and onions."
Trey: "Pony, that's just what we ate last night."
Colt: "So?"
Trey: "…Last time someone asked you that, you said it was meatloaf and sliced potato wedges, because you made it for dinner the night before as well."
Colt: "So?"
Trey: "…Right."

Favorite Ice Cream flavor?

Trey: "Hmmmm…Superman."
Colt: (throws disgusted look at his boyfriend)
Trey: "What?"
Colt: (still disgusted)

Killed anyone?

Trey: (turns to Colt) "No, really, what's wrong with Superman?"
Colt: "If you have to ask, you'll never know."

Hate anyone?

Trey: "The man on the oatmeal boxes. The Quaker guy."
Colt: (rolls eyes)

Any Secrets?

Trey: "…I dress in drag."
Colt: "Do not."
Trey: (sigh) "Yeah, but it sounded good."
Colt: "…I like Pink."
Trey: "The color, or the singer?"
Colt: "…Both."
Trey: "…Ah, that explains that bootleg CD."

Love Anyone?

Trey: "Pony."
Colt: (hesitates, then shrugs) "Trey."
Trey: "Aw, Pony." blows a kiss
Colt: (scowls with a faint blush)
Trey: (rakish grin) "You know you like it."
Colt: "Fuck you."
Trey: (laughs) Later, geesh. Fucking horny bastard."
Colt: (deigns not to comment)

Ever slept in all day?

Trey: "Is two in the afternoon all day? I went to bed at five am though."
Colt: (to Trey) "Yes. And no, I have not. Marshall doesn't let me."
Trey: laughs "That cat is an evil cur, I'll say."

Favourite Show?

Trey: "Oh, I don't know. I watch a lot of basketball. And Law and Order."
Colt: "Stargate SG:1."
Trey: "He watches that fucking show all the time. It's like Star Trek on acid."
Colt: (shoves elbow into Trey's face)
Trey: "…Bitch." (dark grumbles)

Favorite Band/Singer?

Trey: "Hm. Against Me! rocks pretty heavy."
Colt: "Kiss."
Trey: "He hides it well."
Colt: (glowers)

Eye Color/s?

Trey: "Like, for a partner?"
Colt: "Yes, fucknut."
Trey: "Ah, then brown is good. It's studly."
Colt: (shakes head)


Trey: "Skin. …Skin?"
Colt: "Perineum."
Trey: (chokes on laughter and high-fives his boyfriend)


Trey: "Oh, I'm obviously a chubby chaser."
Colt: (cold glare) "You calling me fat?"
Trey: "If the support bra fits…."
Colt: (attempts telekinetic strangulation)
Trey: "Pish. Pony ain't fat. Obviously." (totally oblivious to attempted strangulation)
Colt: (now attempts long-distance spontaneous combustion)

Rain, sunshine?

Trey: "Um…doesn't matter?"
Colt: "Wet or dry. It's all the same."
Trey: "Rain makes shirts see through, though."
Colt: (rolls eyes)

Camping, staying home.

Trey: "Um…well, I think I'd rather keep my happy ass at home."
Colt: "…Happy ass."
Trey: (blinks) "Dude…wtf?"
Colt: (blank stare)

Dog, Cat?

Trey: "Colt's got Marshall, an evil cat who licks your face to wake you up before yelling in your ear."
Colt: "Only to you."
Trey: "…I'm gonna skin that cat. Nice fur rug. Squirrel possum soup with cat flavoring."
Colt: "Shut up, asswipe."
Trey: (blows raspberry and gets elbowed in the ribs) "Jerk"

Believe in aliens?

Trey: "E.T.? Butt probers? Wet Ba-OW!"
Colt: (holds elbow ready for another go)
Trey: "Yeah, yeah, I believe in aliens."
Colt: "Kinda have to, we got so much space, yeah?"

Natural Born, or Clone?

Trey: (stage whispers) "What are they talking about? SG:1 again?"
Colt: (shrugs)
Trey: "…Some help you are. Loser."

Ever destroyed something out of Blind Rage?

Trey: "Um, no?"
Colt: (contemplates) "Somethings."

Any Unusual Things about you?

Trey: "It's ridiculously easy to hot rod a car."
Colt: "…No."
Trey: (hides his grin)

How much food/drink do you need a day?

Trey: "Three square meals?"
Colt: "Dessert."
Trey: (thoughtful) "When was the last time I made quiche?"
Colt: "I made cookies."
Trey: "What kind of cookies?"
Colt: "Oatmeal and peanuts."
Trey: "…oooh-kay."

Favorite Place?

Trey: "Home."
Colt: "…." (unconsciously scoots closer to Trey)
Trey: "Pony, you're insane."
Colt: "Probably."

:::screen fades to black::::

A/N: ah, that's it. if i ever do anything more, i'll post it here as well. but don't hold your breath. :::laughs:::