Reverse Harem: Thief

Chapter 1

By Arai-Genjitsu

Harem Anime: Is a term used to describe Japanese works wherein a single average male character is surrounded by numerous (usually 3 to 7) attractive females, most of who are romantically interested in the main character, usually depicted as a lovable loser. (Wikipedia)

Reverse Harem Anime: The opposite of the standard harem genre, in which numerous males surround one girl, occurs more rarely. Girls are usually depicted as cute, kind and innocent. (Wikipedia)

Author's Notes: Aren't you tired of the usual loveable loser who is surrounded by all these girls? On the other hand, the clumsy yet adorable girl who is overtaken by all these guys? There are of course a few notable exceptions A.K.A. Yamato Nadeshiko or Ouran High School. At least for the reverse harems. Personally, I am tired of all the ecchi anime's with the guy and all the girls and when there is an anime with reverse harem there is usually a cute, I'm-so-innocent-please-cuddle-me type girl. Therefore, I wrote I have decided to write a series of unconnected stories with plots but having a girl with a reverse harem. Each story will probably be no more then ten chapters.

Now ladies and gentlemen (are there any guys reading this?) welcome to Reverse Harem: Thief.

Warnings: There may be some shounen/shoujo ai but nothing to upset the stomach of those who don't approve. Also, watch out for Kyoki-chan's mommy's mouth.

The information was had been screwed up. He had said there was going to be light guards. That slippery little twit. She would get him but at least she had gotten her prize. The ruby shined beautifully in the necklace and she knew that all the guards would find would be her purple rose. Her calling card.

She slipped over the rooftops careful not to make any noise. It was already late into the night and she had wanted to get a lot more sleep then she would get now. Tomorrow was an important day and she couldn't just fall asleep through it. She could have waited until the weekend but that bastard had wanted the ruby necklace tonight.

She hated working for him but he knew what had happened that night nine years ago. Each item she stole, was closer she got to finding the man who had taken everything from her mother and her.




A hand shot out under the covers to grab the alarm clock and pick it up. It then proceeded to bang it on the desk until it was most assuredly broken beyond repair. The purple blanket flew off as a disleveled figure sat up with a drossy expression. The person that the hand was connected to was a medium sized teenaged girl.

Dark purple hair hung around a round face with large half opened grey eyes. Her hair came to her neck and was everywhere, bits of it where even hanging a little on her cheek. Her mouth was open with drool coming out. She stayed in this lethargic state until she felt a bit of her drool splatter on her oversized blue pajama pants. Quickly she wiped away the remaining drool with her sleeve then stood up, just to fall right back down groaning.

"Mom's going to kill me if I don't get up.," she told herself even as she began to close her eyes again.

"Kyoki if you don't get your ass out of bed I'm going to give you food to the dog!" called her mother from downstairs. Rather ungracefully, Kyoki fell out of her bed on her behind.

"Thanks for the wake up!" she called back sarcastically as she stood up sighing.

"It was your fault for picking a high school that started at seven in the morning especially with your late nights." her mother called back.

"Well excuse me for getting into the best school in the district." she grumbled as rubbed her eyes.

She looked around her room for her uniform. The room was surprisingly well kept and tidy. A dresser with a large mirror was in the corner and pictures of the outside well decorated her walls. Chinese lanterns were hung up on the wall and the floor was nicely carpeted with soft white carpet. Her sleepy eyes finally rested on her uniform hanged up on her door.

Grabbing it, she dragged it and herself to the bathroom next door where she got ready. After a nice cold shower, damn her mother for turning off the hot water again, and brush of her teeth and hair she was wide awake and ready to be her usually smart ass self, at least according to her mother. Her hair hung loosely without any accessories and she wore blue framed glasses that were perched on the time of her nose.

"How'd you manage to get the school to send you the boy uniform." her mother asked when she glanced at her daughter. Her mother was a tall, pretty woman with long black hair up in a ponytail. She wore a white tank top over black shorts and a lit cigarette hung on her lip. She had her daughters grey eyes.

"I told them I was a boy. The school was an ex all boy academy so they had a lot." Kyoki said yawning as she ran a hand through her hair. She wore a white shirt with a black vest and a fashionable blue coat to go with it. Her blue tie hung around her neck not yet fixed and her legs were clad in comfortable white pants.

"You do realize you look exactly like a boy, right?" her mother said as she dropped Kyoki's plate of pancakes in front of her. Kyoki began to wolf down the pancakes as she caught site of the clock.

"English breakfast? Moreover, yes I do. Will you stop smoking at breakfast?" Kyoki said between bites. Her mother smirked at her and blew the smoke by her daughter's ears.

"I'm the mother remember." she said leaning back in her chair and grabbing the newspaper.

"Barely." Kyoki mumbled before she grabbed her milk and gulped it down. She stood up finished with her breakfast and grabbed her bag next to her.

"I'd be home later." she said nodding towards her mother before running out and putting her black shoes on.

"Brat, didn't even leave the house right.(1)" her mother said snorting.

Kyoki let the air pass through her hair as she rode on her bike with a satisfied grin. She'd make it to school in perfect time. She couldn't have picked her school more perfectly. The school was only a ten-minute ride on bike away and it was prestigious with a comfortable boy uniform. Of course, the school was an all boy's school until last year but there was suppose to be a lot of girls enrolling this semester. Something about the student council from what Momoko had told her. She opened her eyes to see said girl walking out of the train station that was perched nicely near the school for students.

"Hoi! Momoko-chan!" she cried pedaling to the girl with a smile. A cute girl who had been walking turned around with a bright smile. She was a small girl with pretty brown hair in two loose pigtails and large friendly green eyes. She wore the girl's uniform that consisted of a short white skirt and a white blouse. Over the blouse was a black vest and over those two was a similar blue jacket. A pretty blue bow adorned the place where a tie would be on the boy's uniform. To finish up the cute uniform was a white beret with a black ribbon.

"Kya! Kyoki-chan! You look just like bishounen!" Momoko cried skipping towards Kyoki with shiny eyes. The purple haired girl stopped with a sweat drop as the brunette glomped her.

"I can't believe we've been going to the same school since elementary. Think soon we'll go to college and get married!" Momoko giggled insanely as a couple of people stopped and looked over laughing.

"Momoko-chan you're forgetting my gender again, aren't you." Kyoki said dislodging the girl who pouted. They began to walk and ride chatting.

"Kyoki-chan is so silly, she only joined Seiryuu Academy because it was close her house." Momoko said teasingly as Kyoki grinned.

"Of course, but what about you? Besides me, you said you wanted to see something about the school?" Kyoki asked as she tried to remember the conversation she had with her last week. Momoko stopped at squealed. Her purple haired friend frowned and covered her ears.

"Because of the BL!" she squealed and Kyoki sweat dropped disbelieving.

"You came because you thought there where boy and boy relationships? You are so weird." Kyoki said sighing. While she was Momoko's "passion", she forget Momoko's second passion, BL a.k.a. Yaoi. Yes, her little friend here was absolutely insane.

"Don't tell me my sweet Kyoki-chan you've never heard of the Seiryuu student council?" Momoko asked as the began walking and riding again.

"Um, do I want to?" Kyoki said but Momoko ignored her as she stared off in the direction of the sun with shiny eyes. "Isn't that dangerous?" she thought.

"The student council consists of five gorgeous and rich men single man and not just them they say bishounens are all over the school. Every girl who has decided to join Seiryuu comes just for them. Except for Kyoki-chan of course." Momoko said sparkly as Kyoki looked away from the brightness with a sweat drop. Sometimes her friend was too much.

"Does it really matter? They're just guys." Kyoki said wondering. It wasn't as if Kyoki was especially tomboyish to the point she couldn't appreciate guys but they had never taken any major role in her life past being friends.

"Oh my sweet Kyoki-chan you are so cool!" Momoko cried as she hugged her friend making her loose slightly balance.

"Hoi! Hoi!" she cried as she tried to get Momoko off her.

Unbeknownst to the strange duo and the students entering the gate was two people on the roof looking at them. Seiryuu school had a wide courtyard with a garden house, baseball field and tennis court. The actual was school was five stories high and even had a bell tower. The whole school was prestigious for the rich and/or those smart to get in.

"Aren't they cute? We have so many new girls and even boys." smirked one of them as he looked through his binoculars at the students below. Pulling it away from his face revealed a charmingly handsome face. He was tall and had messy black hair and bright blue eyes. He wore the school uniform in a sloppy way with his tie undone and a couple of buttons undone as well. A chain hung from his pants and from his neck.

"Hiroyuki, don't be a pervert. Let's go down already we have to get to the meeting or Akino-sempai and Haruno-sempai will get mad at us." said the smaller boy next to him. Foreign wavy blond hair surrounded an adorably innocent face. Bright indigo colored eyes looked at Hiroyuki with disapproval. In his arms was a small cat that purred in agreement.

"Calm down Natsumi I got Hiashi-sempai to take care of those two. Whoa, I think that boy just ran over Niri Naori, the disciplinary committee president." Hiroyuki gaped gazing into his binoculars disbelieving. Natsumi shook his head at him.

"Dame yo, baka! Let's go already." Natsumi said letting go of the cat and grabbing Hiroyuki by the collar to the stairs.

"Wait, come on Natsumi!" Hiroyuki cried as he was dragged away. The cat purred as if laughing at him as it sat there licking its paws.

"Are you dead?" Kyoki asked looking down at the boy who was currently eating dirt under her bike. From what she could see, he wore the school uniform only a bright red band around his arm with words she couldn't quite make out. He had kind of long black hair and looked taller then herself. Momoko stood next to her sweat dropping.

"Get off me." the boy said gruffly and Kyoki realized the reason he was still down was because of her.

"Opps, gomen ne. Didn't quite see you there. You okay?" Kyoki asked as she rolled off and gave him a sorry smile. Momoko squealed as he stood up and began to dust himself off. He was incredibly handsome with wavy black hair that framed his face that stopped an inch before his shoulders. He had an unfriendly scowl with matching violet eyes. Momoko immediately grabbed for her camera in her bag.

"You obviously don't know who I am. I'm Niri Naori the disciplinary committee president. Didn't you read in the handbook it's against the rules to bring your bicycle in the courtyard, it should be left outside. Your camera is also against the rules, put it away." Naori demanded glowering and Momoko gulped putting it away. Kyoki gave him a lazy grin.

"Nice to meet you I'm Amakawa Kyoki." Kyoki said waving as if he wasn't about to explode. She noticed a sword hanging from his belt. It had a beautiful sheath with purple carvings in it. So caught up in the sword she ignored the boy in front of her getting angrier every second. Momoko had slipped away, not before taking a picture though, to the school. Suddenly a loud ringing filled the courtyard.

"Well that's the bell! It was nice meeting you!" Kyoki said as she peddled past the dumb folded boy and parked her bike near the entrance before she ran in.

"That- wait isn't Kyoki a girl name?" Naori said pausing before he cursed. He pulled out a sleek black cell phone.

"Make sure that everyone is in there class. No, breaking bones on the first day isn't good. Also be on a lookout for a person named Amakawa Kyoki." he said before turning to go to his own class.

"This couldn't happen! No!" Momoko cried crumbling to the ground and biting onto her handkerchief. Embarrassed Kyoki tried to pull up her over reactive friend. According to Momoko the sheet of paper in front of them telling them the class they were assigned was from hell.

"Our classes are just right next to each other. See I have 1-A and you have 1-B." Kyoki said trying to console her friend as she pointed to the list. Momoko through herself onto her friend.

"It's not the same! Now someone can steal you from me!" she wailed as Kyoki sweat dropped and peeled her friend off her. Turning her face away and promising never to do this again, she turned back with a cool face.

"Momoko-chan I promise nothing will change between us." Kyoki said with a cool face of a bishounen. Momoko squealed and through herself at her friend who promised never to do that again.

"Of course! I'll see you at the speech this morning then we can have lunch together!" Momoko said before skipping away. Kyoki sighed and ran a hand through her hair. She looked around and saw a lot of boys looking at her enviously. They probably thought Momoko was her girlfriend or something. She also noticed that there weren't a lot of girls in the hall but the one's that where, were looking at her with lovesick expressions. While Kyoki felt awkward looking like a girl, she was quite aware how handsome she looked as a guy.

She entered 1-A and immediately stepped back as someone threw a baseball shouting a warning. The class was nicely set but the room mostly consisted of boys. Kyoki picked up the baseball and rolled it in her hands. There where at least three other girls from what she could see. One was in the front and had green hair tightly bound in a pigtail with a pink ribbon. There where two other girls chatting with each other. Well one looked like she was chatting and the other listening intently. They were both rather cute and the uniform suited.

"Sorry, are you okay?" asked a boy who jogged up. He was kind of handsome with a charming face. He had messy brown hair and friendly brown eyes. He rubbed his head with his tan head.

"This yours?" Kyoki asked tossing him the ball. He smiled brightly and nodded.

"You've got a good arm, you should try out for the baseball team. I'm Kamakaru Akira." he said and Kyoki nodded about to answer when a grunt was heard behind her.

"Move out of the way." the voice said and she turned to see what she thought was the teacher looking down with a frown. He wore a loose button up blue shirt and white pants. He was handsome as well, Kyoki dryly noted, with long purple hair pulled back on his nape and sarcastic looking green eyes.

Kyoki followed his order and followed Akira who motioned for her to set next to him. The teacher yawned as he made his way to the desk exactly as the bell began to ring a second time. He rubbed his head obviously annoyed. He looked kind of young for a teacher and extremely annoyed. The students glanced at each other unsure.

"I'm Tenryu Hiro. This is your homeroom and I'm also your English teacher. You." he pointed to the green haired girl in the front row who stiffened. "Introduce yourself then I hope your all smart enough to realize the one behind her is next to introduce himself."

"I'm Yamanaka Sachiko. I come from Suzuki Junior High. Douzo Yoroshiku." Sachiko said bowing as she turned to the crowd. She wasn't exceptionally pretty and had a shy look to her. She wore large glasses and was extremely pale.

The boy behind her stood up after her and introduced himself next. It continued and Kyoki paid no mind until they came up to the two girls who sat in front of her and Akira. She noted one looked like a rich brat and the other her loyal servant. The rich brat was tall and wore fashionable shoes with high socks. Her blank hair were in ringlets and where tied with large blue ribbons. She had snobby looking blue eyes and her nose seemed to point up. She was pretty though. Her servant was a mousy looking girl. She was short and her brown hair came to her shoulders. She had small gold bells hanging off her hat ribbon. Her pink eyes were kind and gentle.

"Watashi-sama wa Fujikawa Maria-sama." said the rich looking Maria. Kyoki buried her face into her hand as she shook with laughter. Next to her Akira was shaking with laughter. Maria didn't seem to mind and primped up her ringlet as she sat down with out bowing. Tenryu just looked at her with distaste.

"I'm Fujiwara Amara." said her loyal servant Amara in a gentle voice. She looked down the whole time. She slipped back into her seat after she bowed.

"Hi, I'm Kamakura Akira, I'm on the baseball team, and I came from Haruki Middle School! Nice to meet you all!" he said excitedly and Kyoki smiled. She'd get along with him perfectly. She silently hoped that Momoko was making friends as well. She stood up and grinned.

"I'm Amakawa Kyoki. I came from Amefuro Middle School. It's nice to meet you all." she said winking as she sat down. Her attitude was catchy and quite a couple classmates returned her grin.

"Isn't Kyoki a girl name?" Tenryu said blandly and Akira frowned at him.

"Hey, it's not his fault." Akira said crossing his arms. Tenryu glowered at him.

"Hey, hey, it's fine. Calm down already. I am a girl." Kyoki said smiling. An awkward silence filled the classroom. Then the effects set in. Akira fell over and all the girls stared. The class immediately broke out asking questions. Kyoki just took it with lazy amusement.

"What you want me to show you?" Kyoki said grabbing the edge of her pants. Tenryu held up a hand sighing.

"No thanks, if you say so, you are. I thought there were suppose to be four girls in this class." Tenryu said shaking his head as Kyoki chuckled and crossed her legs.

"Are you serious?" Akira said staring at her in wonderment.

"Yeah, so? I'm the same Kyoki." she said laid back and Akira broke out into a smile.

"Well Amakawa I haven't taken back that offer on joining the team." Akira said grinning at her. They ignored Tenryu who glowered at them.

"Come on. We're supposed to go to the opening ceremony." Tenryu said picking up his notebook and motioning for them to follow after as he exited. Boys walked up to Kyoki and asked her questions about her uniform and things. She answered back laid back and managed to befriend every boy that walked up. Then the boys moved onto the three other girls for a whole other reason. She smiled shaking her head and began chatting with Akira.

"Oh, my darling Kyoki. I could barely stand it with out you. I thought I was going to die." Momoko wailed as she threw herself onto Kyoki surprising the class of 1-A. Kyoki sweat dropped petting her on the head.

"Calm down Momoko-chan." she said as she led her to seats near the back. Akira followed after extremely embarrassed even though Momoko wasn't his best friend.

"Momoko-chan this is Kamakura Akira. Kamakura-kun this is Hanano Momoko." Kyoki introduced as she sat between the two. Momoko clung to her left arm and Akira gave her a weak smile.

"Do you like BL?" Momoko asked her eyes narrowed. Akira fell upside down and Kyoki looked away sweat dropping. Momoko had said that loud enough that the boys around them had heard perfectly.

"Um, no. Sorry?" Akira said as he composed himself.

"Well do you have any interests in my Kyoki?" she asked suspiciously.

"Um, besides getting her on the baseball team and being friends? No." Akira said smiling as his eyes caught Kyoki. Luckily Momoko didn't catch this and began to complain to the two about how there weren't any bishounens and all of the girls were so stuck up.

"Excuse me, everyone." said the voice from the stage. Kyoki immediately covered her ears as squeals could be heard. Cautiously she took her hands down and looked onto the stage.

The one speaking was a kind looking young man who, Kyoki dryly noted again, was incredibly handsome. He had soft blue hair following around his heart shaped face. His uniform was alter a little and instead of a blue jacket had a white jacket with a blue band. He had gentle but firm sea green eyes. He smiled brightly at them causing another wave of squeals.

"Hello, I am pleased to see you all. I'm Niri Haruno, third year. Some of you I've seen from last year and some of you are new. I am happy to say this year we have opened our doors to the girls so please boys treat them well." he said to them giving them a small bow and the crowd reacted good naturedly though Kyoki wished they would stop squealing. "Where have I heard Niri before?" Kyoki wondered but through the name to the back of his head.

"As most of you should know my vice president this year is none other then my brother Niri Akino also from third year." he said as a solemn but handsome young man stepped up. The squeals increased and Kyoki covered her ears in pain. Akino was just as tall as his brother was and looked similar to him except he had red hair and orange eyes. He had a firm cool look to him, Kyoki knew that Momoko would be chatting about him for a while.

"The rest of our council consists of Tenryu Hiashi our secretary from third year, Minoruki Hiroyuki our treasurer from second year and Yomotaki Natsumi our Council Representive from second year." Haruno introduced. Each boy Kyoki was handsome and cool. Hiashi was of medium height with a knowing smile. His eyes were closed so Kyoki wasn't sure what his eye color was. He had light purple hair that fell to his shoulder and was pulled back by a red band. All of them wore similar uniforms Haruno.

"Of course, we would like to introduce our disciplinary committee president." A number of groans came from the boys. "Mine and Akino's cute little brother Niri Naori from second year."

Out stepped a very familiar young boy with a red band and scowl. The girl's were thrown into chaos as squeals of pleasure came mixed with the boy's moaning. Momoko was shaking Kyoki back and forth, as Akira buried his face in his hand and leaned back into his chair. Kyoki gaped for a minute before a bright humorous smile filled her face.

"Hey!" Kyoki said waving and at least six hundred pairs of eyes glanced at her including the student council. A vein popped on Naori's head as he caught sight of her.

"Remember me? I ran you over with my bike! Nice to see you again!" Kyoki said grinning as she waved and another vein popped on his head. Naori strolled up to his elder brother and grabbed the microphone.

"Don't you understand who I am?" he yelled and she shrugged with a smirk. He was fun to annoy.

"I'm going t-" Naori started but Haruno stole back the mike from him with a knowing smile.

"Kyoki-san, your name whole name is?" Haruno asked with a smile.

"Mm, I'm Amakawa Kyoki. Yes, I'm a girl." Kyoki said pushing up her glasses. The students erupted into talk. Haruno's smile grew bigger.

"Good then you can be the girl's representive." he said with a smile. Naori twitched as the talking got louder. Kyoki sweat dropped.

"Um, what?" she said.


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(1): If I remember correctly when you leave the house you usually say something. Don't exactly remember what though.



-chan- Used for young kids or between friends, usually by girls.

-kun- Used usually for boys and sometimes for girls in lower positions.

-san- Just a polite way to say someone's name, like Miss or Mister.

Bishounens- The term means pretty boy.

Dame yo, baka- Translates to "Stop it, you idiot." Well roughly.

Gomen ne- Laid-back way of saying sorry.

Douzo Yoroshiku- Translates roughly to "Please treat me kindly"

Watashi-sama wa- Ever seen Prince of Tennis. Well this is referring to yourself as someone great.

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