The kiss

Cheerful chat,

Cheerful laugh,

led to here.

Days have passed waiting,

Weeks have have passed imagining.

Years seem to have passed until this moment.

Crimson red covers my cheeks,

Crimson red covers yours aswell,

Yet we know it,

Yet we don't say it.

Gazing at each other,

Chatting with each other,

akwardly time passes.

There is something to be done,

yet isn't.

Shyness protects a treasure,

Shyness calms a disire.

Courage is flickering.

As two fingers touch,

a strong feeling flicks up,

In a flash both retreat,

Shyly looking into different directions.

Too early?

Too shy?

Too scary?

Two pairs of eyes meet,

something melts away,

something begins to shine.

Warmth spreads as two hands touch.

Deeply looking into each others eyes.



Slowly distance closes.

Breath is caressing crimson cheeks.

Sensation dwells up from far depths.

Taking courage...

Two lips meet,




Time stops,

A moment of perfection,

Tingling sensation runs through the veins.

Giving in,

Giving in to passion,

Two beings mold to one.

- Yuki (08.10.07)