Ew, what an ugly short chapter this is... D:

Chapter 04

Wake up, fool. We aren't paying you to sleep.

Spencer awoke with a start. He surprised Blaine, who had been reading an old magazine on a stool next to him. "Jeez! Don't freak me out like that!"

"Sorry," Spence mumbled, and looked around. They were the nurse's office, but Spence wasn't on a bed. He had been dropped on the floor, and a pillow had been placed beneath his head. There was a moment of awkward silence before the nurse came storming into the room.

"Awake, are you?!" she cried, "Well, good! You might as well get out of my office, then! Do you know how much worry you two caused me? I hope you know that I called your parents!" She pointed at Spence, "Your mother! No wonder you're like this. She just laughed and said she'd take care of it." She crossed her arms and tapped her foot. "And, it wasn't exactly easy to bring you here, you know! Blaine-kun and I had quite the time dragging you from the classroom to here. I mean, really, what were you doing in there? You're lucky I was staying late today! Why, back when I was still in school…"

Blaine blocked her out and gazed at Spence. He was smiling apologetically up at her and rubbing the back of his head. This was the Spence he knew. He scratched the new bandage over his nose.

When the nurse was finished her rant, she dismissed them. They walked silently to the front of the school. There, Spence paused and checked his watch. "Ah! Sorry, Blaine, but can you walk home without me? I have somewhere where I have to be…"

Blaine nodded. Spence smiled broadly and turned to go in the opposite direction of the one that they normally went. There was a brief moment where Blaine considered letting him go, but then he stopped him. "Wait, Spence."

The giant looked around. "Yea-?"

Blaine grabbed the front of Spence's shirt and yanked him down to eye-level. "Don't do anything stupid."

Spence's surprised expression became another smile. "I promise."

Blaine was sure his worry was visible on his face. Why did he care so much? Why didn't he believe him?

"Hey." Blaine blinked. Suddenly, Spence looked worried too. "Don't make that face. I promised, didn't I?"

Blaine's grip on Spence's shirt loosed. Spence's face was unexpectedly close, and his arms made their may around the much shorter boy's waist.

It was Blaine's first kiss.

- -

Why did he feel stupid? He wasn't the stupid one. No, it was all Spence's fault. That idiot. Idiot, idiot, idiot.

An idiot and an asshole.

But why, then, did Blaine like him so much? Why did he worry about him so much? He couldn't figure it out. He just knew he wanted to get home as quickly as possible.

But when he reached the door of his apartment, he didn't want to go inside. He would only be alone again.

The nurse had tried to call his house. No one had answered the phone. The same thing happened when it redirected her to his father's mobile. Blaine had expected it. Dad never answered his phone. He was always "too busy," or some stupid excuse like that.

Blaine knew it was really because he didn't care. He didn't care about his stupid excuse for a son. That was why he was never home.

But that didn't matter to Blaine. He didn't care about that geezer either. If he were home, he would just be angry.

And Blaine didn't want him to be angry.

He unlocked the door and went inside. He had long stopped announcing that he was home. He just took off his shoes and went to go do his homework.

- -

"You're here, Armstrong-san! Sehr gut. Awoken-san and I were beginning to worry."

Spence stopping running and bent over to catch his breath, then looked up at the smiling man. They were in an especially dark alleyway, one where they could be sure not to be seen. The man who had spoken had tidy, wheat-colored hair and a pair of round glasses upon his face. On his back was a cello case, and in one hand was an enclosed violin.

"Shut up, Juliek. I knew very well that he was coming." Awoken stood beside him, a young boy with closed eyes and whose hair was already gray. Then furred hood of his long overcoat (the same overcoat that both Spencer and Juliek were wearing) was up, but Spence knew what was beneath it: A pair of curved, golden horns.

"Oh, did you? I apologize then! I was mistaken." Juliek said, still smiling. Spence looked away.

"I'm sorry. I was… caught up at school." He returned Juliek's smile and stood up. He now towered over the man.

"That's fine. You've never been late before," Juliek told him, looking at his watch. "You just might want to make sure it doesn't happen again."

Awoken smiled. "Yes, I'm sure there would be some… unpleasant consequences if fail to be on time again."

Spence nodded. He knew that all too well. "So, uh, what's the job tonight?"

Awoken pulled a piece of paper out of the pocket of his coat and handed it to Juliek to read. "Middle aged male, again. Lives with his family on West Street. Has a wife and two daughters. Works for the police. According to this, he should be home by now."

"That should make things a bit easier. What did he do?"

"That is unimportant. You should know that by now, Armstrong," Awoken shot. Spence looked away. He was glad Awoken's eyes were closed.

"Right. Well, I guess we should be going, then?"

"Indeed we should. We're already late as it is." Juliek was still smiling. He put the paper away. Awoken sighed.

"I don't know why I have to come. I work fine from the base."

"But, Awoken-san. If you're there, I'm sure you'll be all the more convincing. And besides, the Mutter said you should get out every now and then."

"Hey, Juliek-san. I understand why we need Awoken-san, but why both of us? It should be enough with just you…"

"Oh, well, a resource said that he might have some knowledge that we're coming. Best safe than sorry, ja?"

"Yeah…" Spencer could swear Awoken was staring at him, but the child's face wasn't even turned towards him. But it always felt like he was looking at him, looking deep inside.

He hated it.

- -

So what were they to each other now? Blaine wasn't sure. Yeah, they had kissed, but did that mean they were… boyfriends now?

He had stayed up all night thinking about it. Which made him feel even more stupid, because now he couldn't stay awake in class. The only conciliation was that Spence looked exhausted too, though maybe not for the same reason. Serves him right, Blaine mused.

But things went by as normal. Had that kiss changed anything?

Blaine found himself angry at Spence for not saying anything about it. Had it been a mistake? Did it mean nothing to him?

He wanted to say something about it at lunch, when Spence was eating his bento as usual, but the words did come out right. Instead he ended up talking about how he felt about the math test they had just taken. He mentally slapped himself for it. Stupid.

But then Spence smiled at him, suddenly he wasn't mad at him anymore.

"Spence." The dark haired boy looked up. Blaine pointed at his lips. "Kiss me again."

Spence look surprised, but then smiled again. He did as he was told. Their bodies seemed to be made to fit together.

Spence was so warm. Blaine felt himself wanting stay here in his arms forever. Was the sky still so dark? It felt like the sun was right here.

That afternoon they walked home hand in hand.

Can I really be…loved?