Dear Mystery Man
It's that time again
You're going back, going back soon
Back to where you belong
Hope you can handle it
All by yourself
I know it's gunna be a hassle
I know it'll be hard
Hope you can handle it all
All by your lonesome

They all say you will get better
Some say you may be relieved
But I know that this is just another round
A fake attempt to say you'll changed
But I know that I know better

Dear Mystery Man
There are words that need to be said
Yet they are spoken oh-so sadly
Can't say I'm gunna miss you again
Because I don't think I will

There's so much built inside my brain
Everything I've learned
I couldnt've ever learned on a chalkboard
Looking at you, I see the diseases
The curtling feeling that I get inside
Whenever I glance up at you
That is where my intelligence lies
Within my twisted guts, when gazing upon you

Tired eyes and eyelids drooping
Gawking mouth and slurring words
Lifeless body and beer-belly gut
I will never be that tired
I will never be that sick
I will always know in my soul
That is not where I will ever be

Dear Mystery Man
Who are you anymore?
Why are you still here?
The hope is lost, along with your mind
And I don't know what to say
I don't know what to give
And I don't know what to do with you

I can't say you're who you're suppose to be to me
No, not now
Because the substance has you strapped to the floor
I can't say you're the one I look up to
No, not now
Because you're everything I'm not
I can't say I'm sad to see you go
Because I'm not
No, I'm not

Dear Mystery Man
Will you ever miss me

Dear Mystery Man
Have you ever loved me

Dear Mystery Man
Why are you
such a mystery
to me?