there are no cliches within the feeling
there are no cracks within the ceiling
not a soul can see your pain
and none of them can make you sane
screaming words yelled to your face
telling you you're nothing but a disgrace
beating bruises used in words
mixed with yells and curses and slurrs
nothing to make you feel a difference
not a friend who feels your presence
all of the walls around you crumble
all you can do in your fear, is trip and stumble
your social car crashes into a pole
not one thing left but your broken soul
looking around, you see everyone smile
and everytime they smirk, you think all the while
how can they not see the hurt in my eyes
no matter what they claim, i know it's all lies
i don't believe it anymore when you say you care
it's so hard to ever put faith into prayer
it's hard to make logic out of my thoughts
when my stomach is tied in a million knots
i'm sick and tired, tired and sick
not knowing what to give, not knowing what choice to pick
it all feels as if it's beyond my control
to be free one day, that would my goal
how to get there, i wouldn't know
but your advice isn't helping, i've learned that long ago
i don't need to hear what i'm doing wrong
when all this time, i've known all along
there is no encouragement within your judgement
there is no love that i see in your argument
every bit of self worth i've felt has been snatched away
it's for the best, that's what some say
best friend since birth, felt like a sister of mine
but i wasn't important enough, and she left without a sign
true love once existed, but was taken bitterly
a dream that shattered mine had ruined it all unfairly
forgive and forget was never my motto
how many times i'd tried? let's estimate to zero
my mind can't help but remember, i can't tell it no
it holds too many memories, and i'm falling so low
i could continue forever on this poorly written rhyme
but i highly doubt that it consumed any valuable time
there are no cliches in the feeling
there are just holes in the ceiling
and everyday it rains, and when it rains
it's another reminder of all of the pain
within every rain drop that's fallen onto my head
are all of the other rhymes i could have said.