A/N: This is my first attempt at a freelance/free verse/freestyle/language poem. I have abolutely no idea how to write one...anyone, this is a 'challenge' that a fellow FP writer gave me, and here's my attempt at it.

Any reviews will be appreciated! (That does include flames - flame being yelling at me while telling me what you hate - although I'd rather you not)

Lone Lotus

Lone lotus

Floating in the water


Everyone envies you

You are beautiful

A pond to yourself

Sparkling water

Gentle willows

The fish do not bother you

Other lotuses do not crowd you


I think

I am the only one

That knows the truth


Your beauty

Scares the lotuses

Frightens the fish

Repels the willows

The pond cannot reflect it

You are lonely

You envy everyone else



Is it as good as it sounds?