Toby Keets Open Letter To The Christians On Unfairness

I don't get you Christians. I don't even know if there is any god in the first place, yet because I said that, you will get angry with me just because I don't believe in god, or even Jesus. Okay, so I do believe that there was a Jesus, but him being the Son of God I don't. But hay, that is the problem with that, it doesn't mean you have to hate me because of that. The truth is, is that there are more Atheists and freethinkers out, but is scared to admit it. Stop making a big thing about us atheists and freethinkers being whom we are, believing in what we think is right.

Another thing I don't get about you Christians is the thing with the fact that there can be someone who commits sins by killing people, stealing things that isn't not their own, and lying to get way with things, but then, just as they are about to die, they confess to a priest and all their sins are washed away, and then goes and lives a happy life in heaven. Then you have someone who lives a good honest life, not killing, not stealing, and not lying, honouring their parents, yet don't believe in god burn in hell. I do not understand this at all. You Christian are wrong. Completely wrong.

A few days ago at school, someone found out that i was a freethinker. They started to treat me like shit. Theses were Christian, the ones you call good people. They did allow me to talked. This is against human right. Completely this is. Everybody is able to choose his or her own religion. Then they started to say the Christian is the only religion and everything else was a cult. They started to say that I am going to burn in hell. Then they started to talk about how great it is to be a Christian, trying to make me convert. They talked about their favourite Christian rock bands and stuff. This stopped after about ten minutes. But by accident, I mentioned reincarnation. They started to get pissed off with me. They said that I should keep my religion out side of school. I do not really get this. Are they saying that my belief don't mean anything? The school I go to isn't even a Christian school. They are Atheist, Freethinkers, Buddhist, Hinduism and Muslims going there. It is not just Christians that go to my school. I had to give up and leave, due to this. Why do you Christians always win?

For years I had to put up with you guys, picking on me. I have tried to live with you in peace, yet because I am a so-called non-believer, you treat me really bad, like I'm below you. And then you go on about how evolution is not true. How blind can you be? How do you explain the dinosaurs that are lying around in the ground? Explain to me that? God for some random reason putting bones into the ground. What about Lucy? She is proof that we evolved. I think the reason why you refuse evolution is because you don't want to admit that you are related to a monkey. Blind fools you are.