Kiseki: Kami no Shitotachi: Part One: Byakurai

Semi-disclaimer: The plot and characters of Kiseki are not entirely of my own creation. This is a fic that uses the characters of this RPG and explains their backrounds. I am using all of these characters with permission from their owners and I make no profit from it.

"Good afternoon, Subaru-sama. Would you care for some refreashments? The other Seishi are already gathered in the main ballroom." She bit back the half-formed snarl at the adjuctant with an elbow in her side curtesy of her mother. She'd just gotten back from her break and they started already!

She shook her head stiffly and headed to the ballroom before she was tempted to blow the man's head off.

She was 73 dammit and the kept calling her that. No matter how much she protested. Was it any wonder that she got angry?!

She reached the ballroom with a sigh of reliefe and threw herself into the lap of the person nearest the door.

"Tasukete, ani-ue..." She muttered, refusing to give in and cry, muffling the break in her voice in her cousin's military uniform.

"Save you? From what?" He pulled her into a standing position to smooth out the invisible wrinkles in her dress until her batted his hands away.

"Them." The word spat with far toom much venom for a child the equivelent of eight had his eyebrows raising into his hairline.

"Them who?" She threw her hands up into the air and broke out of his hold, pacing in agitation. Expressing the anger she felt openly for the first time since she could remember. She was always stifled in front of anyone but her cousins and her siblings and her temper tended to explode once the lid was taken off.

They could only be glad that Tsubasa wasn't in the room.

"Everyone! They won't stop calling me Subaru-sama! And they treat me like I'm a porceling doll!" Electricity crackled in her wake as she paced and the other seishi exchanged nervous looks. The youngest of the group was also by far the most powerful.

"But you are Subaru..." She rounded on her blonde cousin swiftly, drawing her lips back in a snarl that was way too feral to be angelic.

"No, I'm not. My name is Rei! And your name is Mimiko, not Kokie, and she's Amane, not Tokaki and he's Seki no Karasuki and She's Chikara not Tatara!!" She growled, pointing to each of her various relatives sitting around the room. The platinum haired teenager who'd snorted when her name and title were mentioned,the one she'd sought confort in when she'd entered and the only male seishi that Byakko had the moment, and the oldest of them who was looking at her slightly shocked at the rage behind the young girls words.

"You're Rei and you're Subaru. You should feel honored to be given the opportunity that being a seishi affords. You're going to be head of the family some day so you take all of this in-..." Mimiko trailed off at the look of horrow on her cousins face. "Rei-sama?"


"Was she not informed of this already? I thought-"

"Rika-obaa-san didn't want her to know just yet and anyway," Chikara began, kneeling in front of her cousin and taking her by the shoulders to to get the girl to pay attention to her and stop the angry muttering that she had been doing under her breath. The air in the room was starting to get disburbingly staticy. " More than likely it will Tsubasa, even is she isn't from the main family. She's one of the Kings after all."

"...So is Amane..." The white-haired girl snorted and waved a dismissive hand, completely unobservant of or ignoring the hopeful tone in the statement.

"Like they would let me me head of the family. 'Basa's more powerful than me and ranks higher. If they're going to go outside the main family it'll be her." The other seishi breathed a collective sigh of reliefe as the haunted look vanished from their cousin's face.

She knew they were trying to make her feel better, the least she could do was pretend it had worked. Tsubasa as head of the family scared her more than herself being forced into the position.

"Anyway, Rei-chan, hows that cute twin of yours? And your Ane-san?" Seki asked, trying to change the subject and immeadiatly wishing he'd chosen a different topic as a slightly different but still hallowed look crossed the brunette girls features again.

She probably hadn't been allowed to see them for quite some time.

When he'd been selected as a seishi it had been years before he'd been allowed to see his family again. His younger sister hadn't even recognized him.

They'd all just gotten back from their week long break and from what he'd heard, both of Rei's siblings were already enrolled in the First Layers academy. They wouldn't have been home when Rei had been.

"Ren is...and Risa she's..." She rubbed stubbornly at her eyes with the back of her hand. There was something in it and she was 73, dammit and not going to cry!!

She was saved from her struggle as the last of the elected Seishi floated into the room gracefully, folding her wings behind her back and not bothering to dematerialize them.

"Well, well. Look what we have here! The rejects who got elected because they happened to belong to the main family!" She eyed Rei and Chikara before her eyes flited to Seki. "More than we can say for some. Who knows how that one got here.:

It was common knowledge, after all, that those related to Byakko rightfully could only possibly have the most beautifully blonde hair in existance.

She adored Mimiko because of it (even though the elder couldn't stand her in return). And she tolerated Amane because Byakko was the 'white' tiger after all, and his beast form had white fur so someone who had white hair could conceivably belong to his family.

But stark black hair?

That was just ludicrous.

So what if each of them had the strongest powers from Byakko in their respective elements out of the entire bloodline. And so what if Byakko had handpicked them to succeed in his various duties?

Tsubasa was a King of Heaven, dammit! (and so was Amane)

The little heretic girl glared at her around Chikara's shoulders.

Tsubasa chortled and walked over to her, kneeling on her other side and reaching out to pat the little mut on the head in what she hoped was a comforting manner for all of her inadequacies.

She vowed thereafter to make the rest of the little girls immortal life resemble something out of a horror story when she was shot through with a couple hundred volts of electricity.

A/N: I really do like writing Tsubasa. I think I do a justifiably good job considering my feelings about the girl she's based on.

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