Verse 1

I never really imagined it would happen this way

You took my world and you broke it in two

I can't believe i trusted you

I can't believe i tried to help you

I've had it up to here with your s

I'm takin my world from you and im putting it back together


Eveything, it seemed so great

But now, I won't hesitate

To tell you how i feel

About this spinning emotion wheel

I hate your reasoning

Your way of thinking

It tears me up

It tears me up inside

Verse 2

I know you don't care about what i think

You think you do a lot for me

But in reality, you only do a little

When I get on my own feet

I'll be free from this catastrophe

Repeat Chorus

Verse 3

You can't tell me how to feel

You can't tell me what to think

You can't tell me how to live

You can only encourage me

But now, you can't even do that

Repeat Chorus x2