Here's my second shot at this story. It's not a lot different but I've introduce a different character than in the first version. I think so far I'm liking this version better. I think it'll be more interesting. The new character in this version will hopefully add a little more...something...I can't think of the right Anyway, please tell me what you think and if you've by chance read the other version let me know which one you like more and why. D Also for those this applies to there is some cussing in this. I mean they're 17 and 18 year old high school students, so what do you expect? (The old version was called My Cold War.)

Chapter One

You wanna know the worse way to wake up? Your face meeting the very thin carpet. Yea, that's how I wake up almost every day. See I have a bad habit of not setting my alarm right or in most cases, I just don't hear it. So you could say that my alarm is the nice and comfortable carpet, if you couldn't tell that was sarcasm.

"Damn, fall off the bed again?" I recognized the familiar voice of my 18 year old brother, Matt. He happened to be standing in the door with his twin, Marc and their best friend Camden.

See I had two older brothers, who happen to be twins, not identical but what's the difference? And if you include Camden, well then I kind of have three brothers. Kill me now.

Matt and Marc were probably two of the hottest guys at Trenton High School. They pretty much had their own fan base, really. I'm not joking, it's totally true. They were about 5'8, same sky-blue eyes as myself, but Matt had the same dark brown hair as me, while Marc inherited the bright blond hair. They were built really, I mean of course they were, they played practically every sport except football that is. They absolutely hated football, I think it was mainly the football team they hated, but in any case they refused to play. Anyway, the whole point was that girls liked being my friend because they thought it'd bring them closer to my brothers oh and Camden.

See Camden Riley was, unfortunately, known as THE hottest guy. Not my words but almost every other girls at Trenton. I knew this because my best friend happened to be in love with Camden. He was about 6'1 or so, built but slender, with "gorgeous apple green eyes", and a "killer smile". He was pretty much worshiped by the entire female population, including the females from the snotty prep schools in our area. It seemed that I was the only girl who loathed him. I mean I really wanted to strangle him every minute of every hour of every day...ok maybe not THAT much but you get the point. Of course he always overpowered me, well he did play the same sports my brothers did. I mean they were best friends. The saddest thing that I hate to admit, Camden had some sort of power over me, and no matter how hard I tried, he always succeeded in pissing me off.

"Fuck off." I growled as I pulled myself off of the floor. I straighted my spaghetti strapped shirt and glared at the boys. "Didn't I tell you to stay out of my room?"

"Um, sis, hate to break it to you, but we technically aren't in your room." Matt smirked as he leaned on the door frame.

"Asshole" I growled crossing my arms like a childish baby. Camden let out his trademark laugh, that always pissed me off. Then again everything about him pissed me off. "What the hell are you laughing at?"

"PMSing much?" Camden smirked as my gaze hardened more. Can't you see why I hated him so much? I really wanted nothing more than to kill him at the moment.

"Fuck you – get out of my room." See I wasn't much of a morning person and having to look at Camden almost every morning really did piss me off more. "If you don't want to be late, I'd suggest you let me get dressed."

The boys rolled their eyes as they left the room and headed back downstairs. Can't you see how much it sucked having to put up with two older brothers? I mean it had it's own advantages, like when I wanted a guy to leave me alone and my brothers knew, they'd just have to give him one of those stares that told them to back the fuck up or they'd rearrange his face. Which let me tell you it worked, it worked good, almost too good. Especially when I didn't want it to. They'd chased off three boyfriend before we'd even came close to first base. Not that I was wanting to get to first base, but what if I did? And the worse part was that I'd started school a year early, making us in the same grade.

"Hurry up Shay!" Marc's voice boomed up the stairs. I rolled my eyes. I usually took my time, but then I'd run out of things to do. I'd take a shower, soak in the warm water a little more than needed, but after that all I'd have to do was fix my hair – or well comb it and pull it back, then get dressed. I didn't wear make-up. I think it was part laziness and then I wanted people to see me as me, I didn't want to pretend to be someone I wasn't. I pulled on a pair of light semi-loose fitting jeans with a white tank-top and slipped on my white and blue Nike running shoes, that I wore everywhere and my hair was pulled into a sloppy bun like usual. Then I was ready, I made it downstairs by 7:30, school started at 7:55. "About fucking time, god."

"Bite me" I growled as I grabbed a Nutri-Grain bar off the kitchen cabinet as I headed towards Camden's black mustang. "Let's go."

You know most of the time, when you put more than one guy in the same car they'd talk about girls? Well most of time with my brothers and Camden that's what it was about or their latest. But other times it was about sports. That morning it did happen to be about girls with a mix of sports. Meaning they were talking about cheerleaders or to be even more specific; Danielle Braxton.

"She does have the tightest ass ever." Marc was saying. "She's totally into you Camden. Really. I mean why won't you just get her in the sack and tell us about it already, you know that's what she wants."

"Oh god" I groaned wanting to drown them out, but that proved utterly impossible. See Danielle Braxton was the sex goddess at Trenton. She was pretty tall, about 5'5 or so, long legs, the biggest ass you'd ever see, really I wondered if she'd had some plastic surgery and I bet she's even had implants already, because her boobs had to be fake. I mean she wore those extremely too tight entire too low of shirts AND the short skirts that really just pissed me off. She flaunted her stuff entire way to much. I mean sure the guys got off on it, but god it just made me sick.

"I don't like sloppy seconds, sorry guys, you can have her." Camden was trying to be cocky, but I couldn't help but let out a laugh.

"Hate to break it to ya buddy, but you don't have any room to talk about sloppy seconds, I mean we all know you're the king of sloppy seconds." My brothers let out a round of laughs at my insult.

To my bliss, Camden remained quiet the rest of the trip to school while my brothers kept making jokes about how he'd been showed up by a girl. I smiled pleasantly.

Of course my bliss was short lived because I'd seated myself on the driver's side so I had to get out on Camden's side. My brothers were on the other side talking about something in another as I got out of the car while Camden held the door open for me.

"You know you're just jealous cause you can't get any" He whispered in that "sexy" voice I always heard him using on girls, but never worked on me. Of course that wasn't it, since he was just about a foot away if that, I literally jumped as he put his hand in the back pocket of my jeans. He smirked and I turned and glared at him. See why I hated him? He was so full of himself.

"Fuck you" I growled as I began stomping towards the school. See this was my little phrase when it came to Camden. I mean I said it to him at least twice every hour if not more.

- - -

I walked into Biology, my worse class. Not only because I was already failing but also because I was stuck by Camden. Oh and he was passing with flying colors. I glared at him as he smirked at me as I set next to him at our lab, yea he was my lab partner too.

"You still pissed? Wait, wrong question. When aren't you pissed off?" Camden laughed as he stared down at me. See I was short, which I liked it except for when Camden had to tower over me, his 6'1 height to my measly 5'2. I mean he definitely used it to his advantage, which is you know looking down all those low cut shirts. Pervert. Of course I never wore low-cut, but my best friend happen too...and believe me, he looked...he made it obvious he was looking causing the girls to giggle.

"Fuck you, asshole." Again, there it was. It was almost the very first thing I said to him every time I talked to him. That's how much he always had my blood boiling. "I wish you'd just fall off the face of this planet, it'd make my life a hell of lot better."

"See you're just jealous. You know you want me just like that one girl you're always hanging out with." I would have smacked him right then but the teacher walked into class. He'd been talking about my best friend Sara Albertson. He knew very well that she was totally in love with him and he always treated her like shit. I'd just have to make sure I beat the shit out of him the next time I saw him off of school grounds of course. No need for detention.

- - -

"So..." Sara Albertson asked as we were walking to her red Celica for lunch. She'd saved up so much money to buy it because her parents refused to help. She was totally in love with it.

"So what?" I asked as I waited for her to unlock the car. "Am I missing something?"

"Is Camden here? Duh!" Oh yea, she always asked that every single day.

See Sara Albertson had been my best friend for years now. She was totally obsessed with Camden to my disappointment. She always talked about it, every single day. I mean I really wouldn't be her friend but I knew our friendship wasn't so she'd have some sort of connection to Camden. We really did get along and had a lot in common, except for Camden that is. Sara was tall like Danielle. She had the short cropped light brown hair that only looked good on some girls, like her. She was pretty with light brown eyes, I mean she could have her share of guys, but not the guys she wanted like Camden or even my brothers.

"Of course he's here, why wouldn't he? How about this, if he's not here, I'll pass the information to you." I rolled my eyes. Even though she really annoyed me with her Camden crush, I adored her anyway.

"Ok, so you wanna eat at Hall's Diner?" She asked as we got into her car. "Why do you hate him so much? I mean Camdy is such a sweetie."

"Sure, whatever." I rolled my eyes then began laughing uncontrollably. "Camdy? Did you just call Camden Riley, Camdy?

"Well yea, he said too..." Sara looked at me as if I'd gone mad, but I knew that I had to be the only sane person in this messed up town.

"He told you to call him Camdy?" I asked laughing so hard that I couldn't even put my own seat belt on.

"Well yea...god, grow up Shay" She rolled her eyes as we headed towards Hall's.

It wasn't until we were pulling into a parking spot when I realized just why she wanted to eat there. It wasn't just because it had pretty good food, but it was the black mustang that told me everything. Of course I busted up laughing yet again when I thought of the pet name he'd chosen for himself.

"Hi Camdy!" I waved as we walked in. Camden's head snapped up at either my voice or me using his pet name, either way he looked shocked then he looked pissed. But I couldn't stop laughing, it was just priceless. I mean really a guy like Camden wanting people to call him by some jacked up name like Camdy, how could it not be funny?

- - -

I stood around for what seemed like forever looking for Sara. Finally I found her just a few feet away from none other than Camdy. I started laughing again. It was Friday night, and of course we'd all ventured out to watch our incredible team lose. I mean seriously, I'd just wasted five bucks on a complete waste of my time. I could have used that five for something a lot better.

"I can't believe you made me waste five bucks on this lousy game. I'm not doing it again." I growled as I took my spot next to Sara.

"Shay Shay, that's what you said last game, oh and the game before that." Camden's voice butted into a private conversation.

"Hey, why don't you go back to watching Danielle's ass?" I growled as I threw my Dr. Pepper bottle at him which in turn missed him and busted on the concrete. "Great that's another 1.50 down the drain."

"You did it." Camden laughed as his attention returned to the "game" of course we all know they weren't really watching the game.

"Shay you ok? You seem kind of more ticked than usual..." Sara asked as she half looked at me while keeping a sharp eye on her dearest Camden. "Is it that time?"

"Don't even start with me." I rolled my eyes. It was in fact the week before, the week before I was always in super-bitch mode, well I was in bitch-mode everyday.

"She's always on it." Marc laughed from in front of us. I smacked him on the head. It was times like this that I really hated older brothers.

I gave up trying to talk to Sara, she was pretty occupied with watching Camden. So instead had decided to attempt to get another Dr. Pepper, and restrain myself from chugging it at someone.

"Sorry." Someone mumbled as he bumped into me. I turned around see who it was but I hadn't recognized him from Trenton.

"It's ok, it's kind of crowded anyway." I smiled back a bit on a the shy side. I think my cheeks were actually turning red. Well he was cute AND he wasn't from Trenton as far as I knew. So then I could flirt and not worry about my brothers. His height probably matched Camden's. He had dark brown, almost black hair with light brown eyes. He had to be top athlete but I wasn't sure what sports he played. I really didn't pay much attention at my brothers' games.

"I'm Ethan Harrison. I'm from Morgan." He held out his hand like a gentlemen. Morgan Preparatory School was an all boys school and the team we were getting whooped by. They were also Trenton's biggest competition.

"I'm Shaylei Sanders. From Trenton." I shrugged playfully. My brothers would probably kill me if they found out about this but I really didn't care. This was probably the first guy I'd met who probably wouldn't care who my brothers were.

"So you're the Sanders girl." He said shaking his head then gave me an apologetic smile. "Oh I didn't mean it like that. It's just that uh lots of guys at Morgan talk about you."

"Oh." I was confused...why would boys from a totally different school talk about me? Oh brothers and Camden. "Oh yea! My brothers."

"Yea. Well everybody kind of knows how you're basically untouchable at your well it's a school full of guys...things get boring around there." Ethan shrugged uncomfortably. I kind of felt sorry for him.

"I'm use to it. I've basically given up." I admitted. Ethan was charming and very good-looking. If he went to Trenton he'd probably be an even match against our golden boys when it came to girls.

"Well I know it's probably against your brothers' rule book but maybe we can hang out sometime?" Ethan asked as our line reached the concession stand. "What were you getting?"

"A Dr. Pepper. I kind of lost mine when I threw it at Camden's head, oh yea he's a friend of my brothers. I kind of missed and it busted on the concrete." I laughed as he laughed.

"Here." He said as he handed me a Dr. Pepper he'd just bought for me. "It's on me. Could I maybe get your cell phone?"

"Thanks." I smiled taking it then shuffled around in my purse for a pen then gently jotted my number down on a scrap of paper. "Well I guess I'll see you later."

"Yea. It was nice meeting you." He smiled as he started off in the opposite direction. It was kind of spontaneous of me to give out my number, but suddenly I just didn't care anymore. If a guy wanted my number then he'd get it...within reason.

- - -

Saturday morning I was the first up which was actually really weird but I'd been in a giddy mood since I'd met Ethan. I hadn't told even Sara about him yet because I'd have to wait for him to actually call me. Camden walked into the kitchen just as I was about to make a bowl of cereal.

"Wow, look like shit. You were DD last night weren't you?" I teased. I knew he had been and I knew he hadn't drunk anything at the After-Party. Yea it was pretty pathetic...we lose but yet there's still a party afterwards.

"Shut up and you know I didn't drink and that I was DD...I'm always DD." He rolled his eyes as I walked to get the orange juice out of the fridge.

"Relax. I was just joking." I too rolled my eyes. Most people who knew us, usually teased us about how much they thought we were alike...even though I know that Camden and I are total opposites.

"Why are you up so early?" Camden looked up at me as if I wasn't Shaylei Sanders anymore but some deformed alien or something.

"It's actually really none of your business." I growled as I crossed my arms childishly. I know I have no excuse for myself. That's the power he had over me.

"Oh come on, I saw your face when you got back from the concession stand. Oh and the fact that you actually smiled almost the entire night even after we tried to torment you one way or another." Camden said it all as if it was clear as day. So maybe I was happy after my trip to the concession stand, but it didn't have to actually mean something. Well maybe it did in this case but it really wasn't any of their business. Before I had a chance to counter he's accusation and before he could say anything more my phone started vibrating. I picked up up quickly a flipped it open and stared down at the text message I'd just gotten...Ethan.

Hey. It's ethan, from last night. I know it's not exactly a phone call but I was going to see if you wanted to hang tonight. -Ethan.

A text message is better than nothing. Plus he didn't even use internet talk which is one of my pet peeves. I smiled to myself and started bitting my bottom lip nervously then replied back.

Of course. That'd be great. -Shay

I'll pick you up at 7. meet me at the mall. -Ethan

Finally, a guy whose not afraid to ask me out. I snapped my phone shut and smiled even bigger as I set it on the counter. I was happy up until the moment I looked back up to see Camden staring at me with a raised eyebrow.

"What?" I snapped as I focused on not bitting me lip anymore. If I kept doing that he'd definitely get suspicious not that he wasn't already. Before he could say anything my brothers walked into the kitchen not seeming to be too hungover from the night before.

"We going to the park man?" Matt asked as he held a basketball while Marc stood leaning against the kitchen door frame. "You ok man?"

"Let's go. I'm fine but..." He stopped to look at me then smirked arrogantly. "Your sister has a boyfriend I believe."

"What?! I do not!" I tried but knew it was useless. Instead I pushed past Marc while he was trying to process the information and ran to my room shutting and locking it behind me. Jerk.