reflections on a season

i was much too old for summer,
but the thought of sunny days
brought a smile to my face;
i wanted to live in the season
forever, blowing dandelion fuzz
into the warm breeze, and capturing
grasshoppers, frogs, sweet childhood
memories in bell glass jars, to be
lost in a moment we least expected.
the dusk simmered into evening stars,
blanketing our bodies with the darkness
of approaching adulthood, and we
trembled, afraid of the coming years,
waiting for the light to return, take us
back to beautiful hours of running,
jumping, playing our little hearts
out, and it was in those daylight
minutes that we were the complete
and happy versions of ourselves,
too young to know, or care, about
the years to come, where this season
would be just another string of days,
rather than a time of magic wondering,
the way it was during our youth.