It's like I'm watching one of those old horror movies,

And the person on screen is approaching the door

That so obviously leads to something bad.

And I yell at them, "No, don't go in there!"

But they're inside the movie and they can't hear me,

So they walk right into the trap and are destroyed.

It feels kind of like that, only it's not a movie.

It's real life, and it's serious.

I see the path you're going down,

What you're doing with your life,

And it's so clear to me where you're headed.

So I'm telling you, "No, don't do that,

Please don't throw away your life,"

But you can't seem to hear me either.

You don't listen to me and you don't heed my warnings.

And the way you're going, it's only a matter of time

Before it all comes crashing down around you

And everything we've worked for is ruined.

You're not just a character in a movie.

You're real, you're my friend, and it hurts to see you like this,

Straying from the faith you claimed, walking away so casually,

Oblivious to the monster that awaits you at the end.

Sometimes I can't imagine why;

Mercy and redemption beckon to you, but you ignore them.

I've talked to you, I've prayed for you, I've done all I can,

But you're still walking down that hallway towards that door.

Please come back.