-1Chapter One: Mackena

"Mac, can you help us please?"

Help move my soon-to-be stepsister's stuff into my old room?

The stick-thin, blonde, perfect stepsister everyone in this household loved except me?

"Yeah, I'm coming."

No! Wrong answer! I told myself. You're supposed to rebel against your family...or something.

I don't know how to rebel, remember? I'm the perfect daughter.

You don't have to be perfect anymore. She's taking your place in that category.

I got up from my computer desk--I mean Leila and my computer desk. After all, we had to share a room again to accommodate Olivia. I slowly shut the top of my laptop and left my--I mean our--room. I slid down the stairs with my back against the wall to make room for my fifteen-year-old brother Kieran to come up them with two boxes.

Dad was listening to the moving truck guy's idea of the best way to bring Olivia's dresser through the door.

I sighed as I grabbed a couple of boxes from the back of the truck.

"Hi, Mackena," Olivia said, smiling. Even her teeth were perfect.

I rubbed my tongue over my slightly gapped teeth after I answered, "Hi."

Olivia picked up a box and so did her mother, Alyssa. My future stepmother.

"Hello, Mackena."

"Hi..." What was I supposed to call her? "Alyssa?" I practically ran to the door with my boxes to escape the awkwardness.

Alyssa was also blonde and perfect, but a tad less fake.

I remember my twin sister Leila laughing when we first met Alyssa. Dad, overweight and tall, looked out of place next to too-skinny, petite Alyssa. We looked even worse next to Alyssa. We were tall and wide, too, but our skin and hair were too dark to fit in with this "new addition."

I stepped into my old room, newly painted really light pink with a white trim. My poor old Perfect-Green--not too lime and not too dark--room was gone, buried under three coats of white paint and two coats of pink. Too light pink. The color you would paint a nursery for a newborn baby girl. Olivia was seventeen. About to be a senior in high school in less than two months with Leila and I at Spring Falls High. I was never fond of Kieran's dark blue room but even that was better than this.

Olivia put the box on the floor next to the one I brought in and smoothed the invisible creases out of her dark green spaghetti-strap tank top. I turned toward the door and rolled my eyes as I went to get more boxes like a good daughter would.

Leila, Kieran and I were playing Uno in the dining room after dinner when Olivia decided to butt in.

"Can I play, guys?"

I set my cards on the table and stood up.

"You can play the rest of my hand."

"Aww, thanks, Mackena." Olivia smiled, thinking I was being nice, when in reality I just didn't want to see her perfect face.

I left the dining room, going through the living room where Dad and Alyssa were watching television and cuddling. Even worse than Olivia's face. I leapt up the stairs and dove onto my bed with a groan.

I couldn't believe this was happening to me. Did I do something bad to someone or something? Karma was coming back to get me? This girl, my physical opposite, lived right down the hall from me and I had no control whatsoever over it.

I groaned again.