Chapter Seventy Seven: Olivia

It was the night before we were all going to move in to our dorms. And I was petrified. I was going to be so far away from Mom and Chris and, of course, the twins.

And I knew they were as scared as I was. Mom was crying in private and hugging me a lot more often and Chris was making our favorite dinners and was trying to spend more time with us.

A million things were running through my head as I paced my room. Did I pack everything I needed? Was I going to make friends? Was I going to do well in all my classes? Maybe college would be too hard and I'd drop out!

I took a deep breath and laid down on my bed. I tried to think of the positive things. I was excited to see Ivy again and I could always call home if I missed Mom. I was going to be near my Dad, who was still in Erie.

I thought back to the beginning of the year. So much had changed; it was better. I was friends with Mackena now, instead of enemies. I had an amazing friend in Andy, though we weren't dating any more. I could tell him anything.

The more I freaked out, the more I realized I was ready. I remembered all the lessons I had learned in the past year and I knew I was going to do fine. I remembered how I'd changed from the first week of school. I knew I didn't have to drink and agree with everyone to fit in. If people didn't like me for me, I didn't need them.

Pittsburgh is going to be fine, I said to myself, finally starting to believe it.

The End

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