She Could Be His Light


As per usual I step into a war zone the minute I walk through the front door. Sht I think. Now everything is going to be blamed on me, as per usual. 3-2-1-

"PERSEPHONE!! Go to your room. You're grounded. Now march!" Linda yelled as she pointed to the stairs.

"What did I do?" I asked.

"Don't take that tone with me, Persephone!"

"What tone?!?"

"Shut up and go to your room! NOW!"

This is how it always was when I got home from the library, every single day. You see, Linda and Bob are my foster parents. They weren't always, though. I lived in an orphanage most of my life and then when I turned 11 I was put into foster care. My first parents seemed so nice when I met them. They took me to a nice house and had gotten me a couple of toys. I was so excited that I actually had a nice house with people who loved me. How wrong I was. A few weeks later, about two maybe, my "dad" came home and, in a drunken rage, hit me. Hard. This happened again two days later. Soon I started to fight back. One time, I ounched him so hard, I broke his nose. I was at a new house the next week.

That was most definitely the worst home I was in, but it taught me how to fight back, just in case. I niw hvae no illusions on foster-parents and them loving the kids they are put with. Don't pity me, though. I hate that.

In school i am a loner. I have a few friends but none that would miss me if i ever left. i have never had a boyfriend, though I have had offers. It's just that I know I will eventually be leaving this place. I have never lasted more than a year anywhere, and I'm already on my second here. I am bound to leave soon. I can feel it.

Up in my room I lay on my bed and pick up my book. Ella Enchanted. I know, I know, what the hell is a seveteen year old doing with that book. I have to admit that it is one of my favorites. I read it whenever I don't have a new book to read. I open to my spot, i only have about half the book left. I'll finish it tonight.


I finish Ella and glance at the clock. 11:48 the green numbers read. I glance out the window at the moon. I hate the darkness and yet I feel a tug on me like none I have ever felt before. I feel that I will burst if I do not go outside right away.

I hop out of bed and change into my comfortable grey sweatpants, my green tank-top, and my zip up grey hoodie. Then I turn towards the moon and the tug is so strong it is as if it is a magnet. Without realizing I had walked to the window, and opened it. I climb out the window and close it as quietly as I can. Then I turn around and look at the darkness surrounding me.

I shimmy down the tree that is thoughtfullt placed right next to the roof. Once off, I, once again, look at the darkness. My gaze is pulled upward at the moon. I feel my feet moving as my gaze is steady and up at the orb in the sky.


A/N: This is only th Introduction. The next chapters will be longer.