Last years photographs, slowly fall off the shelves, crumbling to decay

We don't stop to, be reminded, of past mistakes or miseries

I think it shows how, little the passage of time affects the human mind

Dust collecting on antique prints, roaches making hotels out of holy sights

Venice, Rome, remember Italy?

But we can't stop here, no we must pass onwards, even though it's second tier

We're on a mission of rediscovery to find where our true selves lie

No holy grails or crystal balls, puzzle pieces to find the clues

Just a single man, clad in black, ready to block the way.

The moonlight shows us for who we truly be.

Just how long, this has been going on, couldn't be for more than a fortnight.

But as king, I confess, I'd sacrifice myself to save the queen.

Sword in chest, knife in side, I'd die by yours.