Forever we vow to be together, me in this life, you in the next.

When promises are made they aren't easily broken, especially when whispered through the heart. Love can last a lifetime, or longer.

WARNINGS: Extremely non descript love scene, but it is there just the same so I figured I'd warn you. Male X Male relationships, this means men in love with men, though if you use your imagination the first person character could easily be female. If you are in any way offended by these sorts of relationships and can't read a story from an artistic standpoint please don't read it at all. Thank you.



It was a strange smell, a sweet smell like sun kissed roses in full bloom, and it drew me in curling beckoning fingers under my nostrils. Foreboding winds whispered of uncertainties and dangers as I stepped closer and closer to the source of the fragrance. I ignored it, even as it blasted auburn hair against my face almost violently. I was under a spell, and couldn't turn back. Slowly my legs moved towards it of their own accord, and I found myself moving into the depths of a long forgotten graveyard. Gray marble lined a walkway towards a beautifully carved statue of the most beautiful person I had ever seen, the only spot of color in an otherwise drab lifeless haven for the dead. Innumerable nameless headstones rested on browned grass; the scene of an ancient and forgotten battle. Remnants of what was once beautiful ivy now nothing more than web-like skeletons of what they once were twined ancient fingers possessively about their territory, but that statue, it was different, a single spark of glorious life among the dead. Beautiful thorned bushes wrapped about it with a sort of protective touch, hugging it almost lovingly. It was the source of the smell, whine kissed roses of the oddest sort sprouting from the glorious greens of the leaves. It seemed they were paying tribute to the man, crowning him with beauty only he could deserve. This was something special, and I had to know to whom such a breathtaking grave could have belonged to.

With fluid movement I approached in wonderment, sliding my fingers gently across silken petals of dark reddish purple, a near black at first glance. The figure carved into the marble drew me in more though, with eyes radiating gentleness and a kind heart. Who had he been? Long flowing robes fell from his frame, with a low neckline revealing a fragile chest and delicately tiny frame. Fingers curled around a rose of rubies and emeralds, drawn towards pursed lips. He was unfathomably beautiful, almost more like the beautiful flower he protected than a man, and I found my heart beating painfully hard as I wanted more and more to know who he had been.

Fingers strayed from the petals to the gentle looking face of the man, sliding across the marble to find it was surprisingly soft and warm, almost as if I were touching live skin. It was funny, for all I knew the statue was nothing more than that, a statue, but I felt a connection to who the unnamed person might have been, a frightening familiarity radiated from those stone cold eyes, like the sculpture felt it too, a strong connection from long ago. It was as if I had known them once. That was impossible. I would have certainly remembered having met him.

I was suddenly overcome with the urge to name him, replacing my hand with a delicate kiss upon his brow. I must have looked strange had anyone seen me, doting over a marble carving in such a way. It was ridiculous, but I couldn't contain myself as my beating heart grew sore and pain ridden. It seemed so unfair that I should have stumbled upon him so long after he had lost his life. "Heirsephonielle," I whispered, giving him the name I knew was perfect for him. It came form my parent's native tongue, Heirse for rose, and Phonielle for eternal. That's what he was in my eyes, an everlasting blossom of beauty and elegance.

A cool breeze foretold of an oncoming rainstorm, licking at my skin teasingly whispering for me to find shelter. I didn't want to leave, for fear I would never find the mysterious place again no matter how much I searched. My heart ached as I placed a second kiss this time upon strangely warm lips. "Farewell Heirsephonielle." I knew I shouldn't have, but I plucked one of the roses, treating the fragile flower like a prize jewel, with the utmost care as I departed from what seemed like a dream long past, and headed towards somewhere I could seek haven.

The rain was falling softly before I found shelter, fragile droplets breaking against pale skin and the silken petals of the rose. Finally I caught glimpse of what appeared to be a broken down shack. Large holes in the roof did little good, failing to keep the rain out of the majority of the building, but there was a dry spot in the far left corner. It wasn't my ideal for a home for the storm, but it was better than nothing. Frowning I collapsed against the stone and mud wall, drawing my knees to my chest and setting the flower at my side, stroking my fingers about the petals in loving memory of what they signified. "Heirsephonielle, who were you?" Who was he, and why was he so familiar? The storm grew angrier, lightening streaking across the sky as the light drizzle thickened into a heavy downpour. Large droplets smacked into my bared feet, but the majority of my body was dry, and more important, the rose was protected.

I watched the lightening for a while, but fatigue soon overpowered me. I hadn't eaten or slept in days, and weeks of traveling homeless takes its toll on you physically. I needed to sleep. Eyelids drooped as they grew as heavy as the rain, making it impossible for me to stay awake, and soon I was claimed by the world of dreams.

I was caught within the center of a beautiful garden, filled with the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen, nameless flowers of unmatchable beauty. It struck me as strange, however, that all the flowers were dark of color, and strangely melancholy. A sound fluttered behind me sending chills up my spine and causing me to freeze. I knew I wasn't supposed to be here, and some part of me feared I had been discovered. The emotion quickly faded as a deep red cardinal fluttered overhead leaving me once more the only one to appreciate the garden.

Dreams are a strange thing…they can transcend time and take you to realms and places you have never known. They can make you people you have never been, and it dawned on me that I wasn't me the moment my hand reached out to touch a lovely near black rose, the same as those within the cemetery. My hand was no longer mine. Instead it was delicately tiny and fragile, thin as though it had been deprived food for quite some time. My skin was no longer the dark tan I had been used to, rather it was now a clean milky white hue. Even stranger is when a dream is so far from truth and you still fail to realize things aren't reality until you have been stirred from such a dream. At that moment, I was Ilmentria and no longer myself, Ilmentria a boy with no home and no family, fascinated with a forbidden garden owned by a king.

Silently I moved through the garden, admiring the beauty of the exotic vegetation, nothing more drawing than that of the dark whine colored roses I was so fond of. Amidst everything else, the roses truly stood out, the only bush of their variety within the garden, and the rarest of the flowers. I wanted one, more than anything. A strong urge overcame me, leading me to pluck the flower despite all inhibitions. I knew I would regret it, that it was punishable by death, to even be within the confines of the garden, let alone stealing the rarest of the flowers.

Once more I was distracted by the fluttering of wings, though this time I smiled, fear failing to overcome my senses, and this time it proving a fatal mistake. Strong arms reached around me and screamed at me in a foreign tongue, one I could never hope to understand. I kicked and screamed, but to no avail. I had the body of perhaps a ten year old, and the one who had captured me was much larger than I. Heart was racing in my throat, lungs burning as tears flooded over my cheeks. I knew I shouldn't have been there, but at least there was no one who would miss a homeless orphan.

Prison wasn't nearly as bad as I had expected, more than I had before being captured. I had a roof overhead, and though meals were scarce and of lowest quality moldy bread and water so thick with dirt it was practically mud, it was a meal nonetheless. I hadn't understood a word the guards had said upon tossing me within the iron and brick humid cell, yet I suspected my fate would soon lead to a painful execution. Small lips grew into a smile as I reached down into the depths of ragged pockets of a loose fitting tunic. I had managed to keep it, through careful swiftness of hand, and now it was my only comfort in the darkness that surrounded me, the same rose that had cost me my freedom. Somehow I didn't mind, and closing my eyes I allowed exhaustion to overtake me, falling against the hard wall with the same gentle smile never fading from my face.

The Rain had been replaced with a warm bright golden sun heating my damp clothes and drawing me from my rest. As quickly as it had come, the dream disappeared into the farthest depths of my mind. I felt like I had forgotten something important, but shrugged it off, suddenly finding myself painfully hungry. Dark reddish brown eyes darted open to survey the area, forgetting where the storm had led me for a brief moment. Slowly it returned to me, the memory of the graveyard and the flower I had so carefully plucked.

"The Rose," I whispered, carefully reaching my hand down to place it over the petals once more, only to find, it was no longer there. Frantic I stood, my heart flooding with panic as I glared at the entirety of the strange building I had fallen asleep within. The rose still wasn't there, like it had vanished, like the garden had been as much a dream as whatever it was I had forgotten. "Heirsephonielle," my words were choked and quiet. Maybe I was delusional. Maybe the graveyard had never existed; instead being a strange fantasy I had created. Why not anyway? After all I had named a statue and nearly fallen in love with a clump of marble. It was ridiculous. I had to know though; I simply had to, so I ran.

As fast as I could I ran, towards the forsaken graveyard, moving along the path rapidly following along the trail of red clay almost perfectly. I knew this was the way; I couldn't be wrong…but this time there were no roses, no invisible fingers pulling me in. It was only me now, clumping along the mud and moving towards a destination that seemed more and more a fairy tale than ever. It wouldn't be there, and my heart wretched as I knew the truth, that there never had been a grave yard, that I would come to the place from before only to find an empty overgrown plot of land. Instead, I found what I dreaded I had lost.

It was still there, and relief washed over me like a disease, infecting me with faulty hope that would soon rip me apart. It was as it had been before, gravestones lining an unmarked path, still very much a reminder of a battle long forgotten and long past, only now amidst the graves of unknown soldiers, one stood out. The stone was the tiniest fraction larger than the rest, and was carved with the faintest outlines of roses, circling about a name that seemed as frightfully familiar as the statue had. "Ilmentria" I gasped, my heart suddenly so clenched with pain, physical pain, I felt I might very well curl up and die in that moment. What was this place and why did it hold such a strong grip about me?

The minor distraction had sent waves of pain through me, but nothing could tear my mind away from Heirsephonielle. Dragging myself to my feet and pulling past the strangely outstanding stone, my eyes grew wide with shock. It wasn't there now, neither the roses nor the statue. The huge mass of headstones was now nothing more than a uniform garden of drab gray marble. Maybe I had been delusional. Maybe I really had imagined the entire thing, but I didn't want it all to be some twist of my imagination. Maybe someone had stolen it during the storm, snatched away the only thing my heart had craved for since I had lost my family and home to sickness. I had lost all hope in living, and somehow that strange statue had been my salvation, my resolution. Now it was no longer. Not even a hint of the statues existence marked the place I had surely seen it before, not even a single rose petal.

The strangest sort of wail left my lips as I fell face first into the dirt, burying myself against the ground and hugging it for some kind of solace. It offered me none, remaining cold and damp, coarse and ever so lifeless. My fingers clawed their way into crumpled handfuls of clay, painting them as red as the dirt they held, staining my skin with its presence. There was no comfort for me any longer, only an overwhelming power of emptiness I couldn't even begin to comprehend. Soft gasps filled my lungs as I realized I had just found myself with an overwhelming knowledge that it was time to move on. Every part of me wanted to stay with those stones, to allow weather and famine to claim me and allow me to die where I felt strangely at home, but I knew that was not the way of my life. I had to move on, to keep living as long as Mother Nature would allow. Standing, I removed myself from the graveyard, still painted over with masses of red dirt as I headed out and away, towards an unknown destination. If I had to live on, anywhere was better then that place of dreadful forgotten memories.

I vowed to walk, to keep walking as long as it took to reach the other end of the world and be as far away from Heirsephonielle as possible. I walked for days, for nights, without food, without water, to a point I could no longer think and the world had faded into a mass of delusions and fantasies. That's why it came as no surprise when I came upon a castle towering up into the sky long arms stretched out in some kind of offering to the gods. An impenetrable wall circled about the perimeter of the building, keeping people such as me out. It had the same aura, the same dreamlike feeling the graveyard had, the same drawing appeal the statue had, and most surprisingly, I was drawn in to the smell of sweet roses. I had wanted so much to escape what I had seen, but nothing could tear me away now from this comforting familiarity.

I followed my senses within those walls, finding a hidden entrance almost by instincts that shouldn't have been there, and yet, why not know an entrance to a castle created from the hallucinating brain of a man about to die of starvation and sleep depravation? My heart was pounding again, as hard as it had in the graveyard. All about me was something so beautiful it seemed a scene out of a fairy tale, a garden of only the most beautiful and unforgettable flowers lighting up the world with a rainbow of dark beauty and sweet smells. That fact did strike me as odd, however. Every plant within those walls was unique and beautiful, yes, yet all of them were of dark melancholy colors. Deep crimson reds, navy blues, violets, even strange dark greens, all near black.

I was caught within the center of a beautiful garden, filled with the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen, nameless flowers of unmatchable beauty. It struck me as strange, however, that all the flowers were dark of color, and strangely melancholy.

Hints of a forgotten dream edged their way at my memory, but I ignored it. I wanted to savor the fantasy while I could, while I was still alive enough to enjoy it. A melancholy tune, as lonely as the garden seemed, whispered into my ears, drawing me fearlessly from my hiding place at the far corner of the garden, towards a scene so real it made me want to cry out on choked tears. A deep whine colored rose bush stood out within the center of the garden, surrounded by rainbow pebbles, the only spot of joy within the garden, and resting beside it…was him.

Beautiful, long, satiny black hair fell over his shoulders and down his spine, curling about the ground and still somehow remaining beautifully clean and spotless. He was dressed as I remembered him, loose fitted robes of deep violet falling off pale shoulders revealing that unimaginably beautiful slight frame, and from his lips, arose the most beautiful tune I had ever heard in a language not my own, yet still ever so familiar…the language of my parents.

I stood there staring, listening to the deep melodic tones, feeling them as they entered my body and lulled me into the same state of sorrow as the one singing them. He was beautiful, and so real I nearly forgot the moment to be nothing more than an illusion. I had lost hope that he was real, though now I wanted him to be more than anything, for an overwhelming power of love and desire overcame me like a long forgotten emotion I had merely need uncover. I could no longer stay away, and approached him carefully, quietly, wanting to touch him before he faded away, not wanting to frighten him away. Five more steps…three more steps…one more step…and as I reached my hand out to stroke it across that silken hair, the tune stopped.

"I've been waiting for you," he whispered; sorrow never leaving his deep green eyes as he turned to face me. He was speaking to me with such sadness, like he had lost something important and could never have it again, but I listened, unsure how to respond as his satiny hand reached up and grabbed mine. "Ilmentria, I waited as promised."

At that moment, I was Ilmentria and no longer myself, Ilmentria a boy with no home and no family, fascinated with a forbidden garden owned by a king.

Another flash of the dream flickered before my eyes, and I jerked away at the recognition of that name, a name not my own and yet so fitting for me. What had I forgotten? Why did the illusion radiate more like forgotten memories than delusions? I couldn't entirely pull away however, and found myself curling back into him, with more force this time. My arms pulled myself into him, curling against him like a child, though I was half a head taller than him and had a frame much larger than his. "Heirsephonielle," I gasped, burying my head in the warmth of his shoulder, and holding back tears. "I feared I might never see you again." His long slender fingers moved into my auburn locks comfortingly, attempting to calm the waves of emotion inside of me but only causing them to stir more. Illusion, not illusion, I couldn't quite tell anymore, for it was all so real, but if this were illusion then I wanted to dream forever. The statue I had ached for in so many ways was now so physically real that I could smell him and feel him against me. I could feel a soft heartbeat through the robes, and soft hair against my skin. "I thought I had dreamed you."

"If you can feel and smell," he hummed more than spoke, still stroking my hair, "if it seems that real my dear Ilmentria, then who can say what is dream and what is reality?" The words were strangely comforting, and drew me in with their soft melody. I had lived my life of pain solely for this moment. This was what I had waited for, and now it was here, even if trapped within the confines of a dream world. "I only hope you believe this more reality than fantasy, for it is real for me though I may be dreaming. I want this to be real so I shall hold it in my heart like a memory more than a dream."

I nodded in understanding of the words, because I was the same. If I survived such a moment, I would choose memory over dream, locking away the other man in my heart forever like an irreplaceable treasure. "I love you," I whispered, finally pulling my head from the comfort of that shoulder only to smile down upon him. "I've always loved you even before I found you." The most peculiar truth was, I had meant it. It was as if a hole had been born in my chest with me, waiting to be filled by something it had lost before I had even been. My words earned a heart-wrenching smile from him as he pulled in close enough I could feel his warm breath upon my lips.

"Then you kept your promise as well, my dear Ilmentria," the whispers tickled my lips, gliding across them with their deep vibrations and sending shudders down my spine. It was a strange sort of torture, to feel him so close without even touching me, so close I could feel his very presence, and I wanted to pull even tighter to him. We were so painfully close, millimeters from touching, and then, he came ever so precious little closer, his lips now barely grazing the surface of my own. "You're heart never forgot, even if your mind has, just as you promised."

There was a moment of silence, disturbed only by the sound of my pounding heart sending waves of painful throbbing throughout my body and mind. It seemed so real that I could hardly make it to be anything less, and yet I knew it was impossible for it to be any form of reality. I gave into the sensations, however, finally allowing the illusion to take full control of my brain, finally allowing myself to fall victim to its playful games. Once more I was no longer myself. I was Ilmentria, and this other man was a long lost love. I pressed into the silken lips with no restraint, similar to how I had with the statue, only this time the stone was replaced with flesh, that responded with a sorrowful urgency that mirrored my own desire. I pulled him against me; into the kiss so deep both of us were nearly drowning for breath. When we finally did pull away, it was only for a fraction of a second to refill our burning lungs, and once more we were lost, lost in a world that belonged only to us. We were lost to each other and only the other existed, nothing else mattered. This was truly what I had been born for, at least in this life, to meet him and give myself over to him. When the kiss finally broke away, I felt more alive than I ever had, warmth flooding throughout all my appendages, spreading to the tips of my fingers and toes, and heating me to a deep red. "Heirsepho…"

I was hushed as a finger touched my lips lightly, and the beautiful creature I had perhaps merely dreamed leaned his forehead against my own. "Dear Ilmentria, please don't say my name so often. Lest others hear the gift you so lovingly gave to me and only me so long ago." Once more he stroked my long matted hair, his smile again filled with the sorrow I had found him with. "Of course you don't remember do you? Your mind has forgotten everything, but your heart recalls. That is how you found me after all this time is it not? Because even now, it remembers the promises we made to each other."

I wanted to ask, to understand, but something held me back. Something told me it was something I had to discover for myself, answers that couldn't be drawn from mere questions. Instead I wanted to savor these moments, a part of me certain they would soon fade and that time grew short. "Beloved," I murmured, leaning against him once more, and once more earning a smile. Cautiously, he reached an arm about my waist and pulled me through the garden silently, and as we moved the dark color became more radiant, towards a part of the garden I had not known existed. A large gate separated us from the most private part of the fields of flowers. Carefully, he opened a golden lock and drew me into the secret paradise, closing it behind him that we might be forever alone in Eden. Dark violets had transformed into brilliant reddish purples, gold and orange, bright flowers littering the landscape with a rainbow of happiness, and the melancholy smile upon Heirsephonielle's face was now as brilliant as the world around us. In the center of the smaller garden was yet another rosebush, no longer a near black whine, the roses radiated with the purest white.

"Now you may use my name, here where you first gave it to me, that none might hear or steal away what belongs to only us." Somehow I understood, that it was our secret, a symbol of our love, and I whispered it over and over again, feeling my heart grow more rapid with every breath until it seemed to burst out with an overflowing love for a man from my dreams. He too, grew lighter with each whisper, drawing closer and closer to me until we were pressed so close not even a crack of air separated us.

"Heirsephonielle," I said it one last time, before finally kissing him so deeply I could almost feel myself devouring him, could almost feel him devouring me so fully that we became one being, one beating heart, and the rest of the world faded. I wanted to be with him, wholly and entirely, and he held the same need inside, one that was coming to surface. My hands slid about his body, wanting to know every curve of every muscle, slowly untying a band that kept the soft material wrapped about him and allowing the silk and satin to fall entirely from his frame to reveal just how delicate and beautiful he truly was. I wanted to cry, or gasp, because I had never encountered such perfection even in my dreams, and he offered that perfection to me and only me.

It wasn't long before he had carefully removed my tunic as well, both of us exposed and strangely certain in the middle of paradise, one only complete because the other was there. Our lips connected again, our bodies connected again and again, and we were truly one, so absolutely perfect together and never before so wonderfully happy. Our breaths were one breath, our hearts one heart, and I never wanted to separate from him as long as I lived. I could feel my soul release itself from me as I pressed into him, pouring out into him and mixing with his spirit, curling about it and clinging to it with desperation. All that was me had merged with him in the most glorious of unions; one so strong it seemed it could never be broken. We both cried out words of love in unison, as we became so complete that we could not be any closer, and continued feeling full of each other even as we pulled away. As quickly as it had started, it was over, and we were lying in each other's arms, holding the other so tightly it seemed we feared the other would fade if we let go.

Heirsephonielle's head rested upon my chest, his eyes fighting to stay open, and threatening to lead him to the dream realm. "I waited for you," he whispered, before beginning the song he had been so gracefully singing when I had first come to him. This time the words seemed to come to life within me with truth and understanding radiating from a language I had previously not known.

Forever we vow to be together

Me in this life

You in the next.

Even if life and death tear us apart

I'll wait for you

And you'll remember me.

Until the day comes we can once more meet

Our love still strong

Our promises kept

Finally we shall be free of our curse

A curse of love

That will last eternity

When the tune ended, an unimaginable wave of understanding washed over me. I knew I was close to remembering, but that memory was not yet to come. I had kept a promise long forgotten, and he his, and finally we could both find peace. I kissed the top of his forehead before finally rising; knowing the time for my paradise to fade was drawing near. He understood as well, handing me my tunic. "I will see you again, my dear Ilmentria, in my next life. I merely ask you wait for me as I have you."

"I promise," I whispered, secretly vowing to never forget, to love him forever in this life, in the next life, whatever life granted me, and those were the last words we said to each other as I found my way out of the castle walls. Still lacking food and sleep, I walked away, towards the garden, towards all I had fought so unsuccessfully to forget, refusing to stop until I reached the garden, until I reached my shelter where I had left what seemed so long ago, and finally I gave in, curling up in my forgotten corner and collapsing into the world of dreams I had left behind so long ago.

I had been in the prison for six years, slowly learning the local language from other inmates, before finally being set free, and only then to be a slave in the garden. I didn't mind being a slave, because I had returned to the place I loved so entirely, the world of flowers that had been the very cause of my imprisonment. It was there I met him, the crown prince. He was a man so beautiful I couldn't help admire him, and though I was a lowly slave, he would speak with me. There had always been a sad tone in his voice as he whispered of his love for the flowers and his hatred of wars. In his kingdom he had been dubbed the glass prince, because they only saw the shell of what he was, never what he revealed to me.

Over time he took a liking to me, visiting me sometimes for entire days as I worked the garden, keeping it beautiful for him for it was his. I could see it in him, the loneliness behind that smile, and I wanted to eradicate it somehow. As years went by, our friendship had blossomed into something more, and the unthinkable happened; a prince had fallen in love with a slave. It was the happiest times of my life, and made the years in prison seem almost a gift from the Gods. If it hadn't been for my foolishness in the garden and my imprisonment, I most likely would have starved to death, and never met a man like the one I now would die for.

Daytime slavery, became nighttime rendezvous in the deepest most hidden parts of the garden, where the flowers revealed the side to the prince only I had seen, the colors trapped deep within him, and it was there I gave him a name meant only for us, a name born from my first language. "Heirsephonielle," I whispered, drawing myself close to him. "I shall call you that from now on if that is alright with you your highness?"

The name earned a smile, simply the thought of having a name meant only for us brightening his spirits. "Heirsephonielle? What is the meaning of such a word my dear Ilmentria?" His arms curled around my back, as he pulled himself as tightly to me as I had to him.

"Eternal rose," the words only earned more of a smile from the beautiful man as I continued explaining. "You forever remind me of a beautiful rose, so soft to the touch and wondrously beautiful, yet many cant get past the thorns to see that. You are my rose, my Heirsephonielle."

It was that very night that everything changed. That was the night the king died, and the prince had to assume the throne and all the duties that came with it. A war had broken out, and as ruler of the country it was his duty to fight to protect a kingdom so new to him. I refused to see him go alone, and begged him to allow me to join his guard. He granted such a wish, dreading my death and me dreading his, but we had no choice. And once we reached the battlefield, it was there we made our promise. We held each other close, Heirsephonielle no longer afraid of making his feelings for me public. He would be safe, but I had offered to fight on the front lines in a desperate attempt to protect the one I loved. We both knew I would not be returning but we made the foolish promise just the same. "I promise I'll wait for you, forever if I have to. I know you'll come back to me Ilmentria. Just promise me you'll never allow yourself to forget."

My heart raced as I nodded, placing a final kiss upon his lips and fighting the tears that threatened to spill. This would be the last time I would ever see my beloved eternal rose. "I promise I'll never forget. I'll never forget you wait for me, and I'll come and find you."

I awoke from the dream, alert, and strangely satisfied though my stomach still ached for food. I had no way of knowing how long I had slept, but all the events of the dream enveloped me in their warmth more like reality than a dream, and I held onto them for a minute before the threat of simply dismissing them came over me. Part of me wished to think it nothing more than a façade created from my heart after seeing the beautiful statue, but part of me cried out for it to be more.

"If you can feel and smell," he hummed more than spoke, still stroking my hair, "if it seems that real my dear Ilmentria, then who can say what is dream and what is reality?"

Those words rang loud and true throughout my entire being, giving me an unexpected relief as I held onto it all with an open heart. To me it had been real, it would forever be real, and I wouldn't forget, as I had promised in my dream. I would forever wait, because I knew somewhere, Heirsephonielle was searching for me.

Stretching, I pulled myself to my feet, looking about the familiar room with enhanced senses. The rain had long stopped and now only rays of sunshine beat down on me, and my eyes were drawn down to where I had left the rose before falling asleep, the rose from a garden that had provoked the most wondrous and perfect dream of my life. And then something happened, that made all the reality of my fantasy hit me with full force.

The rose was no longer there, at least not as I had left it. Now instead of the dark color it had once been, a pure white flower rested, protected and perfect, and a joy spread through me with loving perfection. I picked up the flower and drew it to my nose, smelling it's sweet nectar before heading back to the graveyard. It was all there once more, nameless graves, the headstone of a man so similar to me, a man I had once been, and the statue of a king, a man I had loved surrounded by the thorns of a white rose bush. Carefully I returned the flower, placing it upon the ground by his feet, and I kissed the statue gently upon the lips as I had Heirsephonielle before Ilmentria's death.

"I'll wait for you in this life, and if I die, I pray to the gods we can finally be reborn together."

I walked away, singing an ever so familiar song that spoke of promises and fate, leaving forever a graveyard that symbolized death and instead hoping for glorious life. I'd wait forever if I had to, Heirsephonielle would some day return to me, and now I had a reason to be, a reason to live. I lived for him and his return, and when it came, we could finally be together once more.

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