No wish can come true completely.

Born to be Reborn (thoughts)

Have you ever heard the story about a young girl who had one blue wing? Your fingers were like brushes, drawing the secrets of your love on the canvas of my body.

(Who is she?) There was an unfinished painting... (she was... ) ...behind the vase with snow flowers (she was born to be reborn)

Her name is Rosalía, which means

"wreath for ancient tombs"

She was born to be left in the deep forest,

where fairies, at midnight, danced for her.

When Rosalía was six years,

with paper, she made a boat,

putting it on the lake of wishes.

The young man who was painter in his dreams

fell in love with Rosalía

who was painter in his dreams stole

the young girl who had one blue wing.

The silver cage painted in his heart

was made for her.

"The Poisoned Apple," "The Princess in the Tower,"

"The Giant Dragon," "The Brave Prince"...

Every night, he told a story to charm her

but when there were no more stories to tell,

her wing turned into blue ashes.

Rosalía could never get to know

a typical love story about

a girl who was born to be loved

and a boy who was born to love.

Who was painter in his dreams

threw his precious possession into the lake

Rosalía's boat sank with his last wish.

I've never known the winter I think it would be pretty, when snow falls, covering the garden of my heart a spring that looked everlasting until the flowers petals stripped off. I'd like to meet her There's a part of her that's mine There's a part of him that's yours. You reach your hand out, as I try to grasp it tightly. In autumn, I get a flashback When I was afraid, walking in circles, I climbed a tree. At the top, I saw the world so wide. My wish was to travel in search of my half-wing. I pick the rest of those stories up Their warmth defrosts the garden Summer will come soon I could go to the lake.

Rosalía will let love lead her way

who was painter in his dreams will reach out his hand

one blue wing will fade. In a new paper boat,

they will start an endless journey,

navigating in true love.

You reach your hand out In this time, I grasp it tightly.