A/N: And this is the end...to the first book. I want to thank every single one of my reviewers. I love you guys! You've all helped me finish a story that i've had to re-write for years, literally. I do plan to get that second book out sometime soon!


There's a very old saying that states: you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

In my case that is partially true. I loved Christian more than I knew I did, and didn't realize it until the last day we spent together. If I would have been truthful with my emotions then maybe things would have been different. Maybe I could have overseen his betrayal, and he wouldn't have fought Collin alone. But I didn't, and now he's gone. I haven't even seen Abbie since that night either, but that was because she was out there with Christian, helping him over come his bloodlust. And as for Jason, well, he didn't run with us. He was the only one of his kind around which made him a bit lonely apparently, so he decided to leave and look for other werewolves. But he would offer his assistance if we ever called him, I still just haven't figured out why he changed sides so fast.

What happened can't be fixed now, and all I can do is just go on with my life, as torturous as it may be.

It was hard at first, I just wouldn't let what happened go. The idea was planted in my head that things turned out the way they did because of me. I had stopped eating and I shut myself in my room from the moment I came home from school until I had to wake up for school the next morning. I wouldn't talk to anyone which made my mom pretty worried about me. I started to look a bit sickly, but as the days went by the task of moving on began to get easier and easier. I began to get stronger, and would talk to people and actually come down for dinner.

No one ever spoke of Christian any more as though he didn't exist. Everyone acted like they had forgotten about him, but I knew the memory of him was still lingered there nagging at their brain. They just didn't show it like I did.

November passed soon enough with a horrible Thanksgiving, and December entered the scene. The days have now become unbelievably cold, and the nights even worse. Which made things a bit hard to pick up smoking again, but I managed, and used it to help me deal with strong emotions that wanted to push their way out. And I actaully started to get used to just the three of us, after a while it almost felt normal, like it had always been this way. But I should have know that it wouldn't stay this way for long.

One day after school West brought me over to Adrienne's, he said he needed to show me something important. I wasn't at all enthused. I just wanted to go home and watch some t.v.

When we arrived there I noticed something different about the scenery, because there was a person I had never seen before leaning on Adrienne's car waiting with her. It was a boy taller than me wearing a black beanie over his dark brown hair, and when I walked closer to him I saw that he wore a Back in Black AC/DC shirt, a pair of dark jeans, and shoes which I recognized as Adios. A skater shoe brand. A wide smile spread across his soft boyish features revealing a set of pearly white teeth, and his bright blue eyes shined with amusement. He was very attractive, but who the hell was he?

"Ana, we'd like to introduce you to Nathan Adams." West announced, and I didn't need to hear anymore. I knew exactly who he was, and I felt my face turn dark. "He's Christian's-"

"I know who he is." I snapped. Did they really think that they could just replace Christian? Was that their intentions? And if so, why his younger brother? DId they not know that Nathan was no more than a bitter sweet reminder of Christian?

"That's great, babe, but I still don't know you." Nathan flashed me a sly smile, and I was tempted to hit him when he called me babe. And how old was he anyway? I tried to dig further into what Christian had told me, but my memory seemed to be escaping me. West spoke before I did.

"This is Ana Summers. She was just recruited a few months ago." West stated. I wondered if he already peered into my head, and saw how I felt about this guy. After West introduced me Nathan started to study me, and then his eyes quickly widened as though he just figured something out.

"I know you!" He almost shouted. "You were that girl drooling all over her desk in Calculus." Then he shot me a genuine wink. "Your a cute sleeper despite the drool." I wasn't flattered in the least bit. I was annoyed. SInce when was he in my Calculus class? How long has he been here? However I definitely wouldn't know that answer because I sleep in Calculus, and lately i've been confind to my room.

I never thought Christian's younger brother was this annoying. He's the total opposite of Christian. But it was completely obvious that they were related in some way just from the similar features they shared.

"Can we leave now?" I asked West curtly. Nathan gave me a confused expression, but I noticed Adrienne might have known where I was coming from since I saw her expression silently agree with me.

"Already, babe? But we just met." Nathan flashed another one of his smiles. Did he really think it affected me any, besides piss me off? "I still don't know that much about you."

"And I plan to keep it that way." My tone was sharp.

Adrienne jumped to my defense before Nathan could say anything else. "I think Ana's right for now. We should keep introductions to a minimum." Thank you Adrienne, was exactly what I was thinking.

With that I began back to West's car, but then something in my memories about Nathan came back to me. He was a year younger than me, and in Calculus. Something didn't seem right, so just on impulse I turned so quickly that I scared West, and shouted, "How the hell are you in Calculus?!"

Nathan didn't seem shocked at my sudden outburst, nor did he even care to answer my question, instead he replied with one of his stupid remarks. "I knew you couldn't resist me." He said giving me a flirtatious smile. I saw Adrienne kind of roll her eyes. I guess he attempted the same move on her.

I sent Adrienne a mental message. "What is wrong with him?"

"Nothing. He's a natural flirt." She replied. "And he's only in Calculus because he excels in math." I then closed the channel with Adrienne and opened one to West. "Are you not the least bit jeaslous about Nathan staying here?"

"I know Adrienne can handle herself." West answered with a laugh. I growled to myself and then noticed Nathan eyeing the three of us suspiciously. He then grabbed something next to him, a skateboard, and held it by the front trucks.

"I'll see you girls later." He said dropping his skateboard, and left us with another one of his winks. Ugh...I wanted to puke. My eyes shifted to Adrienne to see if she thought the same, but what I saw threw me off guard for a second. Adrienne's cheeks had a more than normal pink-ish tone.

"Adrienne, I know your not blushing, right?" I asked mentaly so that West wouldn't hear. Not like he wouldn't find out this conversation anyway since being nosey seemed to be his job. Adrienne's head snapped in my direction, surprised that I had noticed.

"I can't help it! I fall for that wink everytime!" She stated quickly. I laughed at her sudden response, and felt all tension in me dissapate.

West signaled that he was ready to leave, and I was more than happy to do so. My laugh had changed into a slight chuckle as I climbed into West's car, gave Adrienne a wave good-bye, then shut the door. I could feel now that after a month I was ready to get back out in the world. Midnight calls for me even still, begging me to whoop whatever dwells at that hour.

But as we left Adrienne's house a strange sinking feeling came over me. Something told me that this wasn't the end. I had a hunch that my life in Eagan would become so much more dangerous than before.

That was to be expected. The vampires wanted me, and this one defeat wasn't going to stop them, they could keep the chase going for eternity. So let them come, I was now revived and more than willing to stomp a mud hole in them during our next encounter.