-1Cost of Living

Every day, I've been sealing my waste (of time) in a little wooden box as if it'll take me from this place

And though I thought I had a plan, it's all still falling through my hands

And I've yet to see a sign of change

'Cause I can't seem to escape

Unsinged from what they say

Is a generation of debt

That's standing in my way

I've been convinced that it's a cinch

To just avoid the credit game

But there doesn't seem to be a way to save

Enough to make me think that I could sustain

On my own

Tearing my way through the obstacles of the day

Keeping an eye on the prize and trying not to stray

And though I try to ignore that I've yet to store the score

It's becoming more apparent than it ever was before

That I'm rising to the floor

Yet somehow it's only down from here