They kept on meeting. She wasn't sure she liked it, especially because he was so good looking. He knew he did, her boots were too sexy and her hips wiggled too well for him not to.

Their first meeting technically wasn't if you wanted to be pragmatic about it. She had been standing by the roadside attempting to pull long mahogany coloured locks into a ponytail while he had watched in his blue jeans from down the street, amused. He remembered staring at her contemplatively; she looked like a model with her magazine cut-out too-thin body, this-season get-up and 'naturally' made-up face. Her heels looked impractical, her clothes constrictive and her hair, - he liked it the most- her hair was trying to be whipped straight by the wind, escaping her hands every so often to dart in her mouth leaving her wishing for a third hand. He laughed as she kept having to turn into the direction of the wind and somehow, as he did so, she heard and caught his eye. Cocking her head, she executed her retaliation doing the last he'd expected: she stuck out her tongue at his dancing visage until a piece of hair wrapped round it. He walked closer then and round to catch a better glimpse of her face, but whether it was due to her amount of her hair or an innate sixth sense, she turned always just ahead. His mates had driven past then to pick him up. As he glanced in the rear-view mirror she was still turning. He grinned; not a sixth sense then.

It was her boots that drew his attention next time. Made of black leather they were V-fronted heeled ankle boots. Sexy. Unwittingly his eyes roved up her body taking in how well the boots showcased her legs before they rested on her face. Then his lips, in antithesis to her own, transformed into a smirk and an irresistable 'Not going to stick your tongue out for me again love?' escaped. Her nose scrunched up in distaste and he grinned; she had the cutest nose in the world. She'd looked at him and stating 'Pathetic' had turned attempting to make a dramatic exit. His couldn't hold back a laugh as she crashed into someone. The coffee she was holding –a caramel frappacino-spilt all over her making his sides slipt in half. In fiery indignation and with a sense of divine retribution the rest of the coffee at her instigation chucked itself at his palpably disbelieving expression. The caramel had glooped slowly down his face pooling at his eyebrows and napping on his eyelashes while his shirt turned slowly brown. Suddenly, he failed to understand the humour in the situation.

The next time they crossed paths, she had seen him and attempted to walk away. Something about him though seemed to make her attract disaster –as she reversed her direction, she smashed into his best friend sending him sprawling. He had turned towards the sound and noticed the minor altercation just before she began to speak. Looking down at his 6"3 best friend the diminutive 5"3 woman declared 'You don't have to be so rude, I'm not that heavy' before gracefully offering a hand up. His friend had refused, scrambled to his feet and introduced himself, his large paws almost too high for her to reach. She had looked darkly at him then and raised a supercilious eyebrow at his perfidious dimples before declining; bidding farewell to his friend without bestowing her name. He watched her boots as she walked away. She was wearing the black ones again. A girl with boots like that needs an exotic name he thought. His dimples deepened further as his gaze travelled upwards. Her hips wiggled when she walked fast, really wiggled. And he wasn't complaining. Nor was his friend… till he landed him on the floor.

She saw him a few more times after that before he saw her again. She had worked out why they kept running into each other and wondered with their jobs situated so close together how it hadn't happened before. It was during her fifth stolen sighting that he saw her. She was browsing, window shopping really, in her lunch hour, and had caught sight of him in the reflection. He was hard not to see; tall, broad shouldered and muscular. Even if he hadn't been so good-looking he'd have commanded attention. She had watched him walk by letting out a sigh of relief, a sigh quickly turned into a crestfallen expression at his observance. In a flash, iron was wrapped round her brittle arms and a face and a nose and a breath speaking some words were in her ear. 'Sorry this is so inglorious; I'd love to talk to you another way but I fear for my life'. He should have feared for his toes instead. Unhanding herself, she attempted to walk off but he limped fast after her re-clamping down on her arm. 'Want some coffee?' he had asked, but it hadn't seemed like a question she thought. 'To make up for the other one' he smiled. She decided after a few seconds that she preferred to walk in dignity rather than being dragged, and clipped by his side. He wasn't too awful she decided later. Even if his mother had given him a name meaning 'King'. She had risen rather stiffly and left rather coldly almost kicking herself as she exited. She didn't want to see him again, but if they could talk and she could see his eyes… Her steps quickened her down the street rather forcefully.

A few days on and he had decided to let her stew for a while. She knew she walked past him every day and it hadn't taken him long to work it out. Now all he had to do was try and make sure she didn't work out that he knew she knew. The week had passed quickly, the mornings dragging in anticipation, the afternoon speeding in mischief. He had seen her almost every day since the coffee shop. She had been cold and aloof but the way her steps had slowed and then sped up as she'd walked past the coffee shop window the last time they'd met… it was useful having sisters he decided. Indecisive creatures. He had planned to take a week and a half to 'notice' her. Taking to walking past her everyday, deliberately close, he amused himself by almost glancing at her before diverting his attention. He was slightly offended that she hadn't reacted yet. He had expected better.

She decided after a week that he definitely was seeing her but choosing to ignore her for whatever moronic misconstrued malodorous reason. She made sure that he landed flat on his face the next time he attempted his 'innocent oversight', and this time, as he lay on the floor, he admitted with contentment that the roles were reversed. He'd jumped to his feet and charged after her into the building she'd entered. She watched from the tasteful décor of the lift amused as Joey escorted him to the door. Those things he had so distastefully donned hadn't stood a chance against Versace. It had been entertaining to see him try.

After his ignominious exit he'd decided to get even, and, as such, he'd laid an ambush and she more than deserved it after sending him sprawling at lunch-hour on a well populated street. He hadn't known that her company were looking for models but too bad that they were. He had run into her factotum upon exit who had been 'So excited' to meet him. Apparently a Ms. Urbane was looking for someone to work in her next photo shoot. Apparently Ms. Urbane had sexy black V-fronted ankle boots that showcased her kegs perfectly. Apparently this was Ms. Urbane was just stepping out of the lift. He realised as soon as he'd seen her facial expression upon hearing the news that it would be robbery to charge a salary; the look of animal-in-headlights she's given was priceless enough.

She'd been obliged to meet up for coffee with him later that week as part of her protocol for new models and he'd milked it for all he was worth ordering coffee and croissants and cream and jam and then more coffee and croissants. By the end she'd decided he could probably eat more than anyone she'd ever met before and coupled with that, his verbose gesticulations and the easy charming way his smile spread across his face made him attractive. But, as he held open the door for her and leaned in as she passed letting his breath fly across her neck, she knew that if anyone had asked, the waiter would have been cuter.

He'd been amused by her, the way she thought she owned him now and her reactions as he pretended to be oblivious to the fact. He'd noticed her moving closer to him as they'd entered the shop with amusement and watched with a smirk as she'd flirted with the waiter in flawless French with a smile. He was better looking. He'd laughed as she affected and air of superiority, and mocked it till it skulked away. By the end he liked the way the corners of her mouth twitched and flattened. The way she leaned forward with her elbows plunked firmly on the table before Breeding had retracted them, and the way she cocked her head when she thought and stated her opinions without apologising. What he liked even more was that she was denying her attraction. And the fact that he now had her phone number. He had rung her up later that night to insinuate that she had given him her number because she was secretly attracted to him. It had infuriated her so much she had slammed the phone down. He took a moment and then let his mirth flow. no matter how angry she was, they were still going on a date

He had taken her to a theme park. She hadn't been to a theme park in about fifteen years. She didn't even know adults went to theme parks unless they were long suffering parents.

He made her pay for the ticket to sink in her estimation of him, and then had stuffed her with candyfloss and burgers pecking her on the lips when she complained about her weight. It had worked so well that she'd eaten the rest of the burger in silent bewilderment, face as red as the tomato ketchup. He grinned as he checked her out, she was completely out of place in the park but, as her hair caught in the wind whipping into her ice-cream and making it sticky, the relaxed laugh of frustration made her right at home. Later that day, as he dropped her off, her face was animated and she was talking as if she couldn't stop. Her utter unreservedness made him smile, and this time when he kissed her she kissed back. He had been in the car two minutes when his mobile rang. 'You're still an arse though' she ranted 'you made me pay for my ticket!' He swung the car round and pounded on her door till she opened it. Catching her into another kiss he relased her when she was gasping 'It's not like you really mind though'. She was still smiling as he glanced in the rear-view mirror. He grinned, she hadn't minded then.

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