A/N: I decided to go a different way with my ending for this chapter, and re-wrote it. It's nothing different really, just a change of setting, hope you enjoy it. The next chapter will be coming later tonight.

"I don't get you," Ben said to me, as we walked over to the bus stop. It had been about a week since I had seen Luke, because his boss had given him a week off before coming back to work.

Today was supposed to be the day that he came back. I didn't understand what I was feeling, or why I was feeling it. Everything felt like a dream. How could Luke like me? It was impossible. Definitely the meds talking.

"What are you talking about?" I asked, as we took a seat on the bus stop's bench.

"I mean, Luke wants you, you want him-"

"Ben," I interrupted. I was so tired of having this conversation. It was as if over the past week Ben and I had been talking about the same things over and over again. Even my own mother had been pressuring me into speaking to Luke.

"No Vanessa, listen to me for a sec," He said, and I nodded, indicating for him to go on. "You've wanted Luke every since the beginning of freshman year, and now he finally wants you, so why can't you just see that?"

I shook my head. "Come on Ben, he's nineteen, you and I both know it would be illegal." He rolled his eyes. "And that's not the only thing Ben, he's the biggest party boy that I know, he flirts with every girl he sees, if I were to 'go for him', as you so nicely put it, I'd just be another girl he's dated to add to his list," I sighed. "I've been explaining this to you all week, are you deaf? Do you understand what I'm saying? Or am I just going to have to repeat myself again?"

He sighed heavily. "I know, and you're right...sort of."

"What do you mean sort of?"

"Vanessa, it's so obvious that you want to be with him, you're just telling yourself you don't, because you're scared."

I scowled. "I am not scared."

He laughed. "Well, the bus is coming now, I guess we'll just have to see for ourselves, won't we?"

I shook my head softly. "No, because I'm not speaking to him." He rolled his eyes, and was about to protest, but I placed my index finger on his lips, indicating him to shut up, and leave me alone. He nodded, and cocked his head at the fast approaching bus. I wasn't scared, not at all...Okay, maybe a little, but I wasn't going to speak to him, I was just going to get on the bus, not look at him, and run straight to the back of the bus. Yes, that was the plan.

I felt Ben's face get closer to mine as he whispered in my ear: "Ready Devlin?"

"As ready as I'll ever be Schivino." I said, confidently, even though I was extremely nervous. I smiled at him, as the bus came to a halt. The door slide open and a sigh of relief yet a look of disappointment came over me, as there was a different bus driver sitting in Luke's seat.

I couldn't move. Had Luke quit his job because of the things I said? I needed to see him again, he couldn't just leave, we had a lot of things to sort through. How could he do this to me? "Hey kid, get movin', we got stops to make." I looked up at the wrinkly old man that was sitting in for Luke. He had messy brown hair, that looked like it hadn't been washed in days, his eyes were a colorless blue, and he wore a light blue button-up shirt, his collar popped, and a pair of ripped light jeans, that had black smudges and food stains all over them. He was the filthiest man I had ever seen in my entire life. His name tag read 'Chuck', and he had a unfriendly smile on his face.

I felt a few tears in my eyes, but made sure none of them ran down my face. "Where's Luke?" I managed to say, though I expected no answer, as Chuck probably didn't even know who Luke was.

"The kid that was in a coma?" I nodded. "Don't know, sorry kiddo, now take a seat, we gotta go." I nodded, and made my way over to the back of the bus, and took my seat beside Ben.

"Maybe he just needed another day off to rest, I'm sure he'll be here tomorrow." He said, comfortingly, though it didn't really help.

The bus ride to school was mostly quiet between Ben and me, though I could hear the rest of the noise going on in the bus, I couldn't help but let my mind wonder off to trying to figure out where Luke was.

The rest of the day was a blur. I didn't do much in class, which was unlike me, considering I was an A+ student. My math teacher asked me if I was sick, because I hadn't participated at all when we were doing the Binomial theorem, which I had told him was my favorite part of math, I answered no and told him I was just having an off day. I couldn't seem to keep myself concentrated in any other of my classes. Not once had I let a stupid boy affect me during class. This was definitely a first for me.

Once I arrived home, off the the smelly bus with Chuck blasting and singing along to Bon Jovi (this guy had major problems), I had decided I was going to see Luke. I was going to speak to him, and sort things out.

I walked into my room and decided to call Charlotte up and ask him if she knew where he'd be.

Charlotte had told me that Luke was at his dorm room, and that I'd just be able to catch him in time before he'd start to get ready for his night classes. I thanked her, and started walking to the nearby college that he attended.

I was going to be able to do this, I just knew it.