In a black head scarf and long sleeves
I experience God a sea of caps and skirts
brown and black and white, doctrine and gospel
music scratching at the mosquito bite beneath the long socks
I am wearing so my ankles won't show.
People sway and moan and shake with Spirit
and I
pray humble holy like they do, bend low on my knees
and put my head in the lap of Jesus
and when I get up I pull the head scarf
down further on my forehead
so I won't look funny
and we worship

and then

in the car on the way home
whipping past blue sky green grass creation
I pull down my hair; curls flop
golden free down my back and
the jacket comes off and I have arms
fleshy curving white, and kicking off my shoes
and socks my ankles peek out, little sinners
and laughing I close my eyes and thank the God who loves
me just the way I am