In a world of mute grayness

A world of Shallot,

I lived there peacefully

Not truly knowing of my existence.

I was a Lady of Shallot

Unwilling to look down unto Camelot

Unto the real world.

I was afraid; I was cursed

With the fear of reality

With the fear of rejection

With the fear of life itself

I did not think that any knight,

Would dare venture near my cold front.

How is it possible

That someone with a heart of gold

A heart made of the sun,

Would notice a young winter girl?

How can someone with eyes as kind as the warm fire,

Yet sharp as daggers,

Help out a lonely girl?

A girl who was living a fantasy?

In her own Shallot?

As the sun warms the snow,

And the spring fades the winter,

So did your warm eyes

Kindle my frigid soul.

Your dagger sharp eyes

Broke through my loneliness.

My mirror cracked, my fabric was lost,

My Shallot was shattered.

And so my curse was placed upon me.

The curse of being in love with the sun.

In love with you.