Questions unanswered leave for restless nights.

Tonight I write, to ease my mind.

I cannot understand why I feel this strongly,

For a man, who I know cannot return my love.

He is a man who wants a woman, not a man.

I cannot hate him for being normal,

I am different. Regrettably so,

But it is out of my control.

If I wasn't like this, I could not appreciate him.

I would not have the same love for him,

I would not long for him,

Why do I feel so strongly for him?

Why is it that what I can't have,

Is what I want most, as if this was a story?

With those handsome brown eyes,

Cheerful grin, and gorgeous face.

There is not much to hate,

In such a sweet man.

His sarcasm mirrors mine,

His love for the stars,

His interest in my lack of feeling for pain.

He calls me his hero, that I am a good guy.

I want to be his hero,

I want him to know how much those words mean,

How much I love to hear them from his lips.

Lips I want to feel, with my own.

I am getting tired, and it's 2:35.

You work in the morning; wake up at 7:10.

I want to kiss you goodnight.

One of these days, I will get my chance.

One of these days, you may return it,

With a good morning kiss, too.