A Shadow in the Night

The thunder rolled. The pouring rain froze in midair as the slow strobe of lightning flashed. The only sounds were the pouring rain, the crashing thunder.

I stopped. With vacant eyes I looked up- and smiled. I was a shadow in the night, invisible to prying eyes. The darkness my friend, light became the enemy. Every sound was drowned out by the incessant pounding of the pouring rain. Another crack of lightning illuminated the night, splitting the abyss. Time froze. The vision was imprinted into my eyes, blinding me for a short time.

Then came the soft plop! of his feet in one of the puddles. Suddenly, inexplicably, I became fearful.

He, too, was but a shadow in the night. We were mutually invisible. Yet I had the chilling feeling he knew I was here. Irrational fear, I told myself. But another loud splash told me otherwise. I went into silent hysterics.

That's when I remembered I had a flashlight. I took it out, switched it on.


Yet the steady footfalls continued, plodding, plodding. Death seemed to resound in those steps. I wondered if I was losing my mind.

Plunk. Another step.

My breathing quickened, my heart raced. I could have sworn my chest would explode! I let out a little whimpering cry, which was drowned out by the rain.

Another quick flash, another rolling crash. Once more, time itself froze for but an instant.

With the image of the immense, brightly lit fissure burned into my vision, I began to fret more.

Plop. It was closer now.

Another splash, and I took off. I ran for my life, my pursuer right behind me all the way.