Chapter 4-Back to the drawing board

Its been four days, and dear God, this never ends!

"I'm FINE!" I shout at Harrison. He's glaring at me. He knows I'm hiding something. The only difference is that I don't care…


"Dammit Will, you've been acting funny lately," Harrison pushes. "Everyone's concerned. Its just not like you to disappear for a night."

I know that, I want to shout but I don't. Its like the twelve steps and that is the first step is to leading on to admitting that something is wrong. I know something is wrong. I just don't want them to know about it.

The morning after my little endeavor, Harrison, Sam, and Derek gave me the third degree. I waved them off, told them I was going out, and went to my dad's. That didn't make anything better. My dad was on hysterics, ready to lock me in his guest room upstairs. I was forced to stay at his house, and me being me, I forgot to call the house and inform everyone what was going on. After three days I finally convinced my dad I would be all right…

Now if only I could do the same with my housemates…

"Will, whats going on?" Harrison repeats his earlier question. Goddammit I wish he would ask a question like, "where were you the last few nights?" That one would be an easy lie.

"Nothing is going on," I say. I'm in the living room, and the guys are interrogating me. Nick is the only guy not here and he took the girls out, so they wouldn't have to see this.

"Bullshit," mutters Sam. He's glaring at me. "Damn it Will, if you're doing drugs I'll fucking kill you…"

I glare back. "I'm not doing drugs." Sam doesn't look entirely convinced.

"Then what is going on?"

I stand up in a fury. I am so fucking tired of repeating my self. "Nothing is going on! I'm sorry I forgot to call and say I was staying out, but this is ridiculous!"

Harrison stands up and takes a step towards me. "Its not ridiculous. You looked like you were drugged when you woke up."

"I was just tired," I lie but its quite easy when your angry. No one looks convinced though. I'm getting skeptical glares. Harrison stares at me for a while before his hand snatches my arm in a tight grip.

"That's bullshit," He snaps. "We know you're not telling the truth Will. We know you, and we can tell your not telling us everything. You say you were at your dad's the last few nights but why were you staying there for so long? Even your dad doesn't make you stay at his house for that long. It's was either because your scared or he is, now whats going on?"

"Will, we're just trying to help. We're your friends, you can tell us anything," Derek sighs. I stare at all three of them and pull my arm away from Harrison.

"There is nothing to tell," I hiss and leave the room. They apparently didn't think I would give that response because Harrison looks angry again. He follows me into the hallway.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" He all but spits. I glare at him while I pull on my shoes.

"I'm going to work," I reply. I open the door and storm out.

I don't get very far when a hand comes up on my waist. "Oh no you don't," Harrison replies and picks me up effortlessly. I fight and kick him as he pushes be back in to the house and slams the door shut. He throws me onto the couch and holds me down with his big football player hands. God damn him!

"This is a friend intervention and for all we know, you are getting hooked on drugs," Harrison informs me. I struggle but its no use. Harrison is naturally stronger then me. "So you're not going to work until you tell us what's going on.."

This is frustrating beyond belief. I curse and fight Harrison some more, but Sam comes over and helps. Now I'm even more frustrated. I don't want to tell them! I'm not going to tell them and I need to get to work. Harrison glares down at me and for a second I stop struggling. My mind and body are all so tired of all this fighting. All I want is to be left alone.

That's not going to happen anytime soon, because I can hear the door open up and the girls and Nick file into the room. Nick stops dead, looking at us and lets his mouth fall open.

"What is this I see? Are you guys forcing young Will into an orgy?" Sam turns away and grins at Nick, while I can see Derek practically rolling his eyes behind his sunglasses. Harrison is the only one who hasn't given up glaring at me.

"Jesus christ you guys! What are you doing to Will?" Ren shouts out and enters the living room.

"Intervening," Harrison grounds out.

"Really? Cause it looks like you guys are about to fuck him," Nick adds his two-cents in. I glare at Nick.

"Now is not the time," I say. Nick winks at me.

"There's always a good time for sex Will. Its like, Jello."

Harrison isn't glaring anymore, but he's still staring. I don't stare back, I just look at everyone else in the room. Linoli is looking at me sadly, like she's torn to ask me whats going on, or forcing Harrison off of me. Shanti has Sam out in the hallway and their talking in hushed tones. I really wish I could read lips just to know what they are talking about.

Suddenly I'm hoisted off of the couch and flung over Harrison's shoulder. Everyone, including me, is a little in shock as Harrison marches off. I overcome my shock and begin to fight him as I realize he's dragging me to his room.

"No one goes near my room," Harrison warns before entering his room. "I have some things to discuss with Will." And with that he slams the door and puts me down on my feet.

"Harris this is ridic –" I begin but Harrison shoves me up against a wall, effectively stopping what I was about to say.

"Shut up," Harris says. There's a hand around my throat but its not threatening at all. Its mostly there to keep me from moving. "I know you were drugged Will. I know because of this." He takes his free hand and pushes it up against my hip where the needle was injected. I flinch visibly because I have a bruise there. "Now I may not be an expert but I don't think that's a normal place for a drug to be self injected, so someone did this."

God damn Harrison and his stupid deductive reasoning. I glare at him.

"It was a sedative wasn't it? Someone gave you a sedative and did something to you didn't they?" Harrison actually looks afraid and it makes my anger at him for meddling shrink a little. "What did they do Will?" His voice lost its demanding edge and sounds more pleading.

"Nothing happened," I say. Harrison's eyes narrow and his jaw sets in frustration. "Seriously, nothing happened. I'm fine."

"They raped you didn't they?" Harrison asks and my jaw drops. Honestly, don't you think if that happened I would have a problem with the way Harrison has been handling me?!

"No they didn't rape me!" I shout. Harrison doesn't look convinced.

"I don't believe you," He says shortly.

"I swear Harrison I have not once been raped in my entire life," I plead. He tilts his head at me.

"So you expect me to believe that someone drugged you with the intent on doing nothing to you," Harrison asks. I suddenly stop and bite my lip, thinking. Why would that man do all that? He said he was going to ask me questions but how can you do that to someone who's sedated? Harrison quickly grows impatient with my ignoring him and shakes me. "Will I'm two seconds away from striping you and getting answers for myself."

My eyes widen in horror at what he said. "Don't you dare! I was not raped." Harrison looks at me skeptically but I can tell he's believing me more and more. "You probably just want to strip me so you can rape me, jackass."

Harrison's face breaks out into a smile and he pats me on the head. "My plans are exposed."

"Yeah yeah, I knew there was a flaw in that straight guy card you played," I say. Harrison finally lets me go and takes a step back. He smiles for a minute but then looks me dead in the eye, serious look back on his face.

"Will, you have to promise me that nothing bad happened to you that night," Harrison states. "If you lie, I swear to God, I will kick your ass."

"I promise," I don't hesitate.

"Good," He says and looks at me, like he's expecting me to cross my fingers or something. After a minute he smiles and effortlessly throws me on his bed. "Now that that's settled, lets have sex."

I groan when Harrison sits on me. Honestly, what a douche… First he yells at me, then he threatens to strip me and now he's going to make really loud noises and make everyone in the house think we're having sex. Jackass.

"Harris, I'm sorry but I'm not interested in having fake sex with you right now," I say. Harris bounces on my stomach a little.

"How about real sex?" He says lifting an eyebrow. I glare at him.

"I do not like sex in a bed, I do not like sex with harris head, I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like them sam I am," I say and try to wriggle from underneath him. Let us all bow down to my fucked up doctor Sues cause only I can do it!

"I'm utterly appalled you said Sam's name in my bed," Harris mock scorns.

"Yeah cry me a river," I respond. "Now are you going to get off of me, or am I gonna have to take another bite of your ass?"

Harris smiles and stands up, allowing me to breath freely once more. I sit on the edge of his bed, ready to get off but Harris stands in front of me. He turns around and sits on his knees while I stare at him.

"Um harris? What are you doing?" I ask. His hands grasp my legs and he forces me on to his back. He stands up with me about to hit my head on the floor.

"Hold on to me or I'll drag you like this to the kitchen," He says so I do as I'm told. He leave his room and I can tell he's taking me to the kitchen.

"What is it with you always carrying me?" I ask.

"You're just a pile of bones Will. You might crumble if I don't' do this," He says, earning a smack on the back of his head. Every one is in the kitchen, looking very worried. Ren sees us and her face breaks out into a grin.

"So everythings ok right?" She's looking at Harrison and his head nods.

"Yeah, he promised me," Harris says with an edge to his voice. I am not amused.

"Put me down bastard," I snap.

"Ok," Harris concedes and suddenly I'm on the floor with a big pain in my ass. I kick the back of Harris's legs. "You told me to put you down."

I glare but say nothing. I should've known better.

"Whatever, I'm going to be late for work," I complain and stand up. Harris is back to giving me the evil eye again.

"I don't think you should go to work," He states. I frown at him.

"Uh I'm going to work," I say and my tone implies a 'jackass' at the end.

"Will maybe you should listen to him," Ren says. Everyone is looking at me like they agree. I know there is no way out of this by talking, so I sigh and look like I'm about to give in. My friends smile and look at one another, glad they finally got to me. Right as they had let their guard down, I took off and ran as fast as I could out of the house.

Yes compared to my friends I might have a small frame, but there was one thing I learned going to a public high school; run swift and run long. I knew Harris would come after me but he's not in season so I can easily out run him.

I decide to forgo all bus rides today and simply walked to the store when I knew it was safe. Blaring music greeted my ears as I walk in and I sigh. Chattni reading a book in the corner and completely ignores me as I walk by. I move to go to the back room but I can hear fluent Italian and stop. It sounds like Tony is pleading to Helena again. What a joy.

"They've been going at it for a hour now," Chattni says without looking up. I glance at her. "You'd think they would be having sex by now."

I frown. "Lets pray that never happens."

Work was strangely relaxing. I guess the last few days had taken a toll and it felt good to be back to the regular schedule. There was however one thing that still bothered me. I was curious why the kidnapper had done what he had done. You don't need to sedate someone to talk to them and after I had been, I could barely think, let alone talk.

I begin to re-alphabetize some of the CD's mindlessly. I've been at work for nearly four hours and these thoughts keep plaguing me. Tony hasn't come out once making me think he really is having sex with Helena, something that makes me want to vomit endlessly. I continue ordering the store when suddenly it hits me.

My kidnappers were going to threaten that guy Tristen with me… but then why didn't he? He said he wasn't going to hurt me, but maybe that wasn't his original plan.

I give a growl in annoyance and bash my head up against the wall. Thinking about this is just too annoying. I need to think of other things… yes other things. I look at Chattni who hasn't moved since I got here. Chattni… she's not a very engaging person to talk to. As a matter of fact, most of the time I have no idea what Chattni is talking about. Its like she's permanently stoned.

I sigh and turn back to the CDs. I have another fifteen minutes before I can go home. Then I must face up to what I had done, which basically means hiding in my room while Harris and Nick make whimpering noises at the door. Yep, I am looking forward to that…

"Does uh, William work here?" A voice cuts into my consciousness. I turn around and promptly fall down in confusion. At the register is Tristen, the guy I was never supposed to see again. Crap.

"Yeah Will works here," I hear Chattni's voice. "But I don't think he wants to see you."

"Why?" There is genuine bewilderment in that question.

"Because he just saw you and hid." Ah, there's Chattni for you. Brutally honest and completely awkward. That's my girl.

I hear footsteps, indicating Tristen has given up on Chattni. I look around for some kind of weapon but the only thing around me is a price marker. Well fuck, that would be great if I wanted to mark him down fifty percent… but still something is better then nothing.

I grab the marker and stand up, immediately face to face with my none-one-night-stand. He's on the other side of the CD racks so I have a obstacle between him and me. Good, because as far as a weapon goes, a price marker isn't exactly threatening.

Tristen stares at me and his eyes widen in recognition. I frown at him. Seriously what is he doing here? I am holding the price marker threateningly ready to, I don't know, throw it in a worst case scenario.

"What are you doing here?" I ask shortly. Tristen eyes me, and I realize I'm fully dressed in front of this guy for the first time. Yeah, it sucks that bad.

"Dad told me where to find you," Tristen explains. "He didn't hurt you did he?"

"No," I say. Tristen sighs and relief. He comes around the CD rack and I immediately back away.

"Um no, please stay at least five feet away from me," I say and hold the price marker higher. Tristen stops then smirks at me.

"Worried we'll have a repeat of our first meeting?" He asks. Honestly I am flabbergast.

"What?" I say dumbly. I hear a clicking noise behind us accompanied with the sound of a magazine being put down.

"Will, is that your boyfriend?" Chattni asks. There is an echo of "No" through the room. I look at Tristen who looks somewhat ashamed.

"I mean, you're what sixteen?" Tristen says and I glare at him. I can feel Chattni's aura laugh at me.

"I'm nineteen," I snap. Tristen looks shocked.


"And we," I'm pointing furiously between the both of us, "Did not have sex."

Tristen frowns at me then raises a skeptical eyebrow. "Is that why you were naked in my apartment in the morning? Because we did not have sex?"

I know Chattni is lifting an eyebrow at me too. "I drove you home after peeling you off the floor. Then I took a shower and past out," I hiss. "But I can guarantee you we did not have sex."

"And how are you so sure?"

"Because I wasn't as smashed as you and I remember that night well," I say.

Tristen looks at me and his eyes narrow. "I don't believe you."

I glare at him. "You have my sympathies."

"You want to know why I don't believe you?"

"Not particularly." Tristen ignores me and begins advancing forward.

"I don't believe you because I'm sure that if I had you in my apartment, I would have you moaning and screaming my name while I fucked you into the mattress," Tristen states. He backs me up into a stand of CD and pins me there. I can't help it, I blush furiously. "I would have done that drunk or not drunk."

Tristen is close and I can feel his breath on my cheek. For a minute he almost convinced me that we had sex, the way he said it. I tense when I remember that he is seducing me, or all people and he's also seducing me at my workplace, in front of a co-worker. I blush again and sidestep him so I'm no longer against the CD case.

"The only problem with that is that we didn't have sex," I say a little shakily. God how is this stranger having this much of an effect on me? I guess that's why they call it seducing.

Tristen looks a little put of and sighs, running a hand through black hair.

"So you're still denying it huh?"

"Of course I am, 'cause we didn't have sex!" I shout. "Do you remember that night at all?"

"Well no…"

"Well I do and I distinctly remember there being no sex!" I look up at the clock. Its six o'clock. Time to go home. I turn to Chattni. "Chat, I'm going home now." I sigh exasperated and she looks disappointed.

"This was interesting though," She says but I ignore her. Tristen just stands there while I clock out. He has the nerve though to follow me when I leave the shop.

"Let me take you out to dinner," He suggests. I turn and give him a frown.


"Why else to people take other people to dinner?"

"To eat."

"You are so stubborn, you know that?"

"And why do you want to take a stubborn person to dinner?"

"Because I like your stubborness and I like this." I feel something pull through my belt loop and pull me back. I almost fall but a pair of hands and a warm body hold me up. I'm a little in shock and ready to voice that, when I feel a hand gently turn my chin up and a pair of lips press against my own.

At first I'm shocked. Tristen takes advantage of that and wraps an arm tightly around my waist. He's gentle at first but then Tristen wants me to open my mouth. I'm not to sure how I feel about it, but I don't have a choice when Tristen squeezes my ass. I gasp in surprise and he takes advantage of that too by gently shoving his tongue in my mouth.

Suddenly it occurs to me what I'm doing and I pull away from Tristen. I glare at him and pant because I wasn't breathing the entire time he kissed me. Damn it.

"Look you," I say and point a finger at him accusingly. "Don't do that again."

Tristen is panting but not a badly as me. He quickly regains his breath and smirks at me. "I think I will." He steps forward and I step back. "I think I like you and I think from your reaction, you like me as well."

"I don't even know you," I shout. "Besides how do you know I'm not straight?"

"Because I'm sure it would be the first reason you gave as to why I hadn't fucked you," Tristen says knowingly. Damn, he's right. Still it doesn't mean I have to like it. "And as for not knowing me, that's why they have dinner."

"I don't care, I'm not going out to dinner with you," I respond.

"Why not?"

"Because all you want is to try and fuck me."

Tristen suddenly gets this serious look on his face and I wonder how badly I just insulted him. "I'm not going to lie and say that I don't want that." My mouth drops open. "But that's not all I want."

"Well find someone else to want it with," I snap. Tristen runs in front of me when I move to walk home and I sigh in annoyance.

"I'm sensing some inner issues here," Tristen says and eyes me.

"No, this is pure unadulterated annoyance here," I say.

"That's not what I mean. I mean, you haven't denied that you like me, yet you won't take the chance and go out with me."

"Maybe its just because I don't want to date you," I respond. Tristen steps closer and grabs my arm to stop me from running off.

"I think there's more to it," Tristen says and looks into my eyes. I'm about to turn away from him when his hand comes back up and pushes me to look at him. "I won't give up." He stares at me for a long time and I expect him to kiss me again but he lets go and stands there. I stare at him wearily, but he gestures for me to walk home. I do so but I realize he's following me home. I bite back a shout at him and wonder home. I wonder if I let Harrison loose on him, would he eat him?